Zylbrad Net Worth 2021, Biography, Personal Life, and Achievement

Zylbrad Net Worth is a famous person who is best known as a YouTube Star. He was born on April 30, 1996, in Australia. He is a gamer on YouTube who has earned more than 1.1 million subscribers by publishing content from the popular video games Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Continue reading for more details.

Zylbrad Net Worth

He first started out in January 2016 doing a video on CS:GO. He then went on to do a large number of tutorials on the game.

He started doing Overwatch videos in April 2016 hence abandoning CS:GO. He has collaborated with other big YouTubers like Muselk, AeroViro, BazzaGazz, SaltyPhish, BlackBlues, McCreamy etc.

Zylbrad’s Biography

Zylbrad is a renowned twitch star who had very skillfully kept his face a mystery despite being a popular personality on the internet.

He is an Australian gamer who uploads game-play videos of video games including Overwatch and Call of Duty on YouTube, from which he has gained millions of subscribers on his channel.

Zylbrad came into this world on the 30th of April and was born in Australia in 1996. He is only 22 years currently and his birth star sign is Taurus.

Zylbrad spent his childhood growing up in Australia and he was an active internet surfer and a video game enthusiast from a young age.

Unfortunately, there is no additional information regarding Zylbrad’s early educational background or the identities of his family members.

But hopefully, someday he will be revealing what kind of roots he comes from to his fans and we’ll get to know him better.

Personal Life

Talking about his relationship status, back in 2016, Zylbrad was involved in a relationship with another gamer with the gaming alias Taylota.

Taylota featured in Zylbrad’s channel in a few videos but sadly, the couple didn’t just work out and had to break up in the same year.

Later, Zylbrad moved on to dating Aero Viro but even this relationship couldn’t last and they broke up in the February 2017.

Zylbrad’s Career

Zylbrad learned skills later in his life which helped him become what he currently is. Because he is really secretive about his personal information, he has not shared any details about his private, not even his name.

It’s popularly assumed that his real name is Bradley but no one knows for sure.

Zylbrad officially created his channel on YouTube, starting out his career on the internet, and began uploading videos from the 14th and 16th of January in 2016 respectively. Initially, he did minor videos on popular video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) alongside his friends.

His first video on the channel featured Pajama Maz and was a tutorial on how to spray on the game CS: GO. His channel gradually grew as he kept on uploading quality and entertaining videos consistently.

Most of his videos were tutorials on how to play certain video games or how to use a certain feature in the game.

He moved on from CS: GO to Overwatch, which was rapidly growing in popularity at the time, after he uploaded the first Overwatch related video on the 23rd of April, 2016 along with Max.

Zylbrad is mostly popular for his impeccable sense of humor with which he commentates on his own gameplay.

Zylbrad Social Media

Zylbrad, despite being only 22 years old currently, is quite popular on the internet as he has made his entire career from the internet itself.

He has accounts on popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and has thousands of people following him.

With the help of his admirers, Zylbrad has created a huge fan base. He is available on Twitter at @zylbrad7and has over 103 thousand followers currently. After joining the site back in February of 2016, he has tweeted around 750 times only.

However, his Facebook page hasn’t managed to accumulate as much popularity as his Twitter account as it currently has only 4.5 thousand likes and 4.7 thousand followers.

Zylbrad Net Worth

Zylbrad is a YouTube star. At present, he has over 1.1 million subscribers on his channel.

Zylbrad Net Worth

It’s been around two years since he began uploading videos on YouTube and the views on his videos keep on increasing every day. From this, Zylbrad has a constant source of income.

Other than this, there are no mentioned income sources of him. Even though the precise details of his net worth has not been revealed to any sort of publications yet, it’s safe to assume that it is probably around a hundred thousand.

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