Zahra Elise Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, Relationship and Accomplishment

Zahra Elise Net Worth 2019, Biography, Career, Relationship, and Accomplishment

Zahra Elise is an American model and actress. Blessed with a voluptuous physique, Zahra has posed for popular brands, such as ‘InkJunkeyz’ and ‘Skyn Magazine.’


Starting her mainstream modeling career in 2017, Zahra became a famous lingerie model within a year from starting her career.

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Zahra has a huge fan following on social media. Her Instagram page has more than 857,000 followers. She has her own website, which is strikingly similar to a social media page.

Her fans can get access to her photos and posts by following her on her website for $20.69 per month. Zahra has her own lingerie line and a self-titled marijuana line. In the future, she would love to do humanitarian work all over the world. She also wants to start her own non-profit organization to help those in need.


Early life and Zahra Elise was born on December 30, 1993, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States of America. She grew up along with her five siblings in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Zahra Elise is of mixed origin.

A DNA test, which she took later in her life, traced her lineage to North Africa, Japan, Middle Eastern countries, and Native America. Interestingly, modeling and acting were the last two things Zahra had in her mind when she was young.

After completing her education, she joined the US Navy and served the military as a jet mechanic for four and a half years. However, she did not love the experience and hence decided to become a model and actress.


Thanks to her voluptuous physique, Zahra started turning heads when she became a lingerie model. Starting her modeling career in January 2017, she has already posed for popular brands, such as ‘InkJunkeyz’ and ‘Skyn Magazine.’

She has also graced the covers of many magazines, including ‘Scrilla Guerillaz.’ According to Zahra, her career as a lingerie model is just a stepping stone for something greater as her ultimate aim is acting. Her dream of becoming a prominent actor was revealed by her in one of the episodes of ‘The Party and Bullshit Show.’

In 2018, she was roped in as an extra in the Romany Malco-directed comedy film, ‘Prison Logic.’ She has also done a minor role in the hit comedy TV series ‘Wild ‘n Out.’ Prior to her 2018 acting debut, Zahra had taken acting lessons.


Zahra Elise is friends with the retired Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. The internet was once abuzz with a video that showed Usain Bolt spending quality time with Zahra Elise. This gave rise to speculations about Zahra being in a relationship with Bolt as the video was titled ‘I miss you too.’

However, she denied the rumors and said that Usain Bolt is a good friend. In 2017, Zahra claimed that she was arrested for indecent exposure during a photoshoot and even posted a video of her being handcuffed by the cops.

But the authenticity of the video was questioned by many, including a popular online newspaper. In October 2017, Zahra was praised by many for fighting off an unknown man in a supermarket when he tried touching her inappropriately.

The video, which was recorded in the CCTV camera, surfaced online and Zahra shared the details of the incident on her Instagram page.


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