Zack Snyder Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Zack Snyder Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Zack Snyder Net Worth 2020 – Zack Snyder who is officially known as Zachary Edward Snyder is a filmmaker and producer.

This American is best known for making 2004, Dawn of the Dead. After doing this film, Zack Snyder has made many other films whose popularity has grown wholeheartedly.

Zack Snyder Net Worth 2019


Zack Snyder born as Zachary Edward Snyder was born in 1966, 1st March. This 52-year-old American celebrity was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin in the United States of America. His father and mother are Charles Edward Snyder and Marsha Manley, respectively.

Charles served as an executive recruiter while Marsha Marley worked as a photography teacher in Daycroft School and a painter. He grew up in Riverside, Connecticut together with his elder sister, Audrey.

His parents raised Audrey as a Christian Scientist. During his childhood, Zack got a chance to visit Camp Owatonna in his summer.

Zack attended Daycroft School where his mother Marsha worked. His mother loved Zack to take up painting in the Heatherley School of Fine Art, but his son had already begun doing the filming.

Later in Pasadena, California, Zack went to Art Centre College of Design. Zack Snyder is the ex-husband of Denise Weber who was his first wife.

He later met Deborah Johnson in 1996, and they started a romantic relationship in 2002. The couple got married in 2004, 25th September in a Catholic church in Manhattan, New York.

Zack has eight children in total. Denise and Snyder have two children of their own, Olivia and Eli and they also adopted Autumn and Willow.

He was also involved in a romantic relationship with Kirsten Elin, and she brought two kids to the world, Ezekiel, and Jett.

Deborah and Zack have adopted Cash and Sage. Recently in 2017, his adopted daughter Autumn committed suicide.

Zack Snyder filming career became publicly recognized in 2004 after being a part of the film, Dawn of the Dead. Since then he has produced, Watchmen, 300, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

In 2010, he played an incredibly huge role in the making of Sucker Punch which was first premiered in 2011, 25th March. In 2013, Zack directed a film, Man of Steel while in the following year he produced Rise of an Empire.

When appearing on camera, Zack in 2013 announced the collaboration of Batman and Superman to make Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which was first released in 2016.

In the film, Batman was acted by Ben Affleck, and Cavill acted Superman.

In 2017 he worked together with Joss Whedon to make Justice League. Since 2016, he has been working on The Fountainhead and The Last Photograph.

Height and Weight

Height 170 cm
Weight 73 kilo


Zack Snyder Net Worth 2019

Zack Snyder filming work has earned him numerous nominations and awards. These awards include 2 Clio Awards, 1 Gold Lion Award, 1 Hollywood Film Award, 1 Saturn Award, 1 ShoWest award and 1 American Film Institute. Zack has achieved a lot in filming and has a record high level of success.


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Net Worth

Zack Snyder Net Worth 2019

Zack Snyder’s net worth is an estimated $40 million. This net worth has been achieved through his film production work.

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