What is 8/3 as a decimal form?

What is 8/3 as a decimal form?

Answer: 8/3 as a decimal form is 2.667


In the fraction 8/3, 8 is the numerator and 3 is the denominator, the fraction bar implies “divided by”. So, the fraction 8/3 also means “8 divided by 3” or “8 ÷ 3”.

When it is calculated, 8/3 in decimal form is:

3 in 8 gives 2 remainder 2

3 in 20 gives 6 remainder 2

3 in 20 gives 6 remainder 2, and goes on like that

8 ÷ 3 = 2.6666666666667 = 2.667

Therefore, the decimal form of 8/3 is 2.667.

What is a decimal?

A decimal is a number with two parts: a whole number and fraction part separated by a decimal point, like 0.6 or 1.1. Decimals are used to measure small amounts of money, such as the cost of an item. They can also be used to measure percentages, such as the percentage of a person’s body weight that is fat.

Like fractions, decimals are an important part of everyday math. You will use decimals often when you need to measure very small amounts of money or much larger amounts of money (such as when you have to pay taxes). Decimals are also used in science and engineering.

Engineers often use decimals when they are designing things like bridges and buildings because decimals allow them to make calculations much faster than if they were using fractions. It might interest you to know that a number written as 1.4 means that it has four tenths (1/10) in it. This is because a tenth is 1/10 of something.