Wayne Newton Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Awards

Wayne Newton Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, and Awards.

Wayne Newton Net Worth 2020 – Las Vegas is famously known as America’s Party City and for a great party, you need great entertainers like Carson Wayne Newton.

He is one of Las Vegas’ greatest and Wayne has become a mainstay of the city such that a modern story of Las Vegas cannot be told without telling the story of Wayne Newton.

The man who has earned Mr. Las Vegas as his nickname has woven himself into the fabric of the city’s history and a look into his life and professional history shows exactly why he’s referred to as Mr. Las Vegas.

Wayne Newton Net Worth 2020


Wayne Newton may have been born in Norfolk, Virginia but his destiny laid in the city of Sin.

Born to an auto mechanic and his wife, Evelyn Marie Smith, Wayne Newton is a man of Native American origins that grew up in a modest family.

He picked up interest in music at an early age, learning musical instruments at the age of six.

When his family relocated to Ohio, Newark to be exact, Wayne Newton started what would become his career, singing in entertainment venues. Wayne, along with his brother Jerry began to sing in local theaters and clubs.


After finishing high school, he and his brother got their first show through a Las Vegas booking agent who saw one of their performances on the Lew King Rangers Show and booked the brothers to perform for two weeks in Las Vegas.

A two weeks contract turned into 5 years as the brothers were loved by the adoring crowd of Las Vegas.

Newton got his first professional recording contract in 1963 after getting signed onto Capitol Records. He released his first album, reaching number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the music business, support is crucial to attaining success and luckily for Wayne Newton, he didn’t lack it.

He got significant support from Lucile Ball, Danny Thomas, Bobby Darin, and a few other prominent entertainment icons at the time.

This support helped grow Newton’s career to the point he was charting in Canada, topping the charts with his song, Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast.

By 1994, Newton had become a cherished name in music and especially in Vegas. He performed his 25,000th solo show in Vegas in 1994.

He signed a 10-year contract with Stardust, a casino in Vegas to be a regular performer. A similar deal was also signed with the Hilton.

After years of headlining shows and entertaining guests in various halls in Vegas, Newton was elected into the Gaming Hall of Fame in 2000.

Newton has also dabbled into reality television, hosting a show on E! titled The EntertainerHe currently still performs at Vegas, in a show titled Up Close & Personal.

Wayne Newton Net Worth 2020


His career has featured a slew of awards and recognition. Aside from being elected into the Gaming Hall of Fame, Newton was also the chairman of the USO Celebrity Circle. He has received a Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service.

Wayne Newton Net Worth

Wayne Newton is an American singer, actor, and entertainer who has a net worth of $120 million dollars.

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