Tyler Henry Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Tyler Henry Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Tyler Henry Net Worth – Tyler Henry (Tyler Henry Koelewyn) is an American reality show personality who appears in the series Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry as a “clairvoyant medium”, a series that began its broadcast in January 2016, on the E! Television Network in the United States.

It was the largest launch of a non-spinoff unscripted series in the past three years with 3.2 million viewers for its third episode.

Early Life, Family, and Education

Туlеr Неnrу wаѕ bоrn іn 1996 оn 13th Јаnuаrу. Ніѕ Віrthрlасе wаѕ Наnfоrd, Саlіfоrnіа, thе Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ оf Аmеrіса.

Ніѕ fаthеr аnd mоthеr nаmеѕ hаvе rеmаіnеd unknоwn. Аlѕо, іt іѕ nоt іn thе рublіс dоmаіn іf hе hаѕ ѕіblіngѕ. Туlеr wеnt аhеаd tо јоіn Ѕіеrrа Расіfіс hіgh ѕсhооl.

Іn hіѕ hіgh ѕсhооl dауѕ, hе vоluntаrіlу dіd rеаdіngѕ fоr tеасhеrѕ аnd hіѕ fеllоw ѕtudеntѕ. Воth thе tеасhеrѕ аnd ѕtudеntѕ fоund thіѕ quіtе аmаzіng.

Не wеnt аhеаd tо соmрlеtе hіѕ hіgh ѕсhооl ѕtudіеѕ аnd lаtеr grаduаtеd. Аftеr grаduаtіоn frоm hіgh ѕсhооl, hе wеnt аhеаd tо јоіn соllеgе.

Іn соllеgе, hе wаntеd tо ѕtudу аnd bесоmе а fullу сеrtіfіеd hоѕрісе nurѕе. Не dіd nоt соmрlеtе hіѕ соllеgе ѕtudіеѕ. Туlеr іѕ nоt уеt mаrrіеd. Не lоvеѕ tо kеер hіѕ lоvе lіfе quіtе а ѕесrеt.

Іt іѕ nоt уеt іn thе рublіс dоmаіn аѕ tо whоm hе іѕ dаtіng уеt.

Іt іѕ іntеrеѕtіng соnѕіdеrіng hе іѕ а hаndѕоmе уоung mаn, but hе dоеѕ nоt hаvе а lоvе lіfе drаmа аѕ wоuld bе ехресtеd fоr а уоung mаn lіkе hіm. Не іѕ ореnlу а gау.

Personal Life

Taylor is in a relationship with his photographer boyfriend Clint. Talking about his relationship with Clint and how he gets messages from Clint’s dead relatives, Taylor said;

“I found it actually works really well. It’s just a matter of I think finding the right person.

One of the beauties of intuition is that if I was interacting with someone that didn’t feel right or they were kind of creeped out by what I was able to do, then they clearly weren’t the right fit.

And I’m really thankful to Clint, he from the get-go understood this, was open to it and he respects it.

And there are still times where we’ll be hanging out at 11 o’clock at night and something will come through from his grandfather or I’ll get a message for his family and he understands that I kind of have to get it out so we can go about our evening.”

Tyler Henry Net Worth


When he was 10, Henry predicted his grandmother’s death, according to a bio on his website.

After discovering his unique ability to foretell future events, Henry began to give readings to classmates. Gradually, word of his talents spread.

After graduating from high school in Hanford, California, he originally studied to become a hospice nurse but also continued to give readings.

Eventually, he made his way to Los Angeles and began to give private readings to celebrities.

Though he’s now a star just like the people he works with on his show, Henry still gives readings to non-celebs.

You can inquire about a one-on-one or group reading on his website, though “with the increased shooting schedule of Hollywood Medium it may take a while to get back to you.”

In a 2016 interview with InStyle, Henry said that he was eager to work with clients who weren’t famous.

“Fundamentally, I think the reason I started doing this is the same as to why I do it now: It’s just to help people get a sense of healing or closure,” he said.

“I believe this gift is to be shared with everybody, whether they’re a celebrity or not. So even though the show happens to be celebrity-based, I still read everyday people.”

Given Henry’s busy schedule, he said he usually did those readings over the phone or Skype.

Though that might seem like an obstacle, he explained that he actually preferred that approach, since then he didn’t run the risk of being influenced by a client’s facial expressions or reactions.

Achievement and Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Henry is worth an estimated $3 million. Henry – who calls himself a clairvoyant medium – is best known for appearing on his E! network show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henrywhere he’s given readings to celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Metz, and Jim Parsons.

Henry is also the author of the book Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side. He also tours, doing Q&As, and giving live readings to the audience across the country.

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