Troi Torain Net Worth 2020, Bio, Early Life, Career, and Achievement.

Troi Torain Net Worth 2020, Bio, Early Life, Career, and Achievement.

Troi Torain is an African-American Disc Jockey, who splits opinions with his no hold barred approach to journalism.

While Troi has won many fans and admirers owing to his style of broadcasting, there are also some other people who find his approach repulsive and too abrasive.

Troi Torain Net Worth


Troi Torain was born on May 3, 1964, in Scotch Plains, New Jersey in the United States of America.

There is virtually no information available about Troi Torain’s childhood, parents, and family as a whole. He has never disclosed who his parents are, their names, and what they did for a living.

He has also never talked about his own siblings – if he has any, and who they are; the only family member of Troi Torain that is known is his half brother – Timothy Joseph, who is also known as “Buc Wild“, and who is his co-host on Power 105.1 FM’s radio show Star & Buc Wild Morning Show.

There is no information also available about his educational background, Troi Torain prefers to keep this information very private.


Torain began his career by hosting Hot 97’s morning program in March of 2000. Torain has been a radio presenter and disc jockey for more than three decades.

Many consider him a veteran in the industry. He has also dabbled into the world of podcasting and also making Youtube videos and live streaming media.

Sometime in 2006 while working for Clear Channels Power 105.1 FM irked by something a fellow Disc Jockey DJ Envy said about.

This provoked him to the point that he went on-air during his program Star $ Buc Wild Morning Show breathing out threats to the family of DJ Envy.

Troi Torain Net Worth

Net Worth and Achievement 2020

Troi Torain’s exact net worth is not publicly known. Some sources are however estimating his net worth to be between $100,000 and $1 million.

Some others believe his net worth could be worth a lot more than $1 million, if his activities on internet media are taken into consideration, particularly from his earnings via Youtube and other platforms.

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