Travers Beynon Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Travers Beynon Net Worth 20120, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Travers Beynon Net Worth 2020 Well this was an interesting one to do research for. I hadn’t heard of this guy at all, I picked up the project blind, and started looking into it.

And oh my is this guy absolutely fascinating.

Travers Beynon Net Worth 2019


The famous tobacco tycoon, Travers Beynon was born on 3rd March 1972 in Melbourne, Australia. His parents are Sandra and Trevor Beynon. He went to Clairvaux College of South Brisbane.

While he was there, an extreme passion for football surged in him. Travers Beynon wasn’t much into studies but had a sharp mind. He continued playing football as a passion even after school.

Growing up, Travers Beynon was always a quiet child, courtesy his troubled childhood. Although not much is said about his early life, Travers Beynon accepted having a lonely childhood.

As mentioned above, Traverse Beynon gained an interest in athletics and consequently football while at college.

His passion turned into a profession when he got selected in his school team at the young age of 16.

However, this did not last long. Traverse Beynon had to bid goodbye to athletics and football after a massive leg injury.

While Traverse Beynon was recovering from his leg injury, an idea struck him! For a moment he thought of modeling to earn bread, but he had no idea that it would turn out to be true! He signed up for auditions and soon after started getting offers.

In no time Traverse Beynon became a known face in the modeling industry during the 1980s. His modeling career was rather smooth and stable; his success was often weighed down by him.

Even though he received offers from big shots, like Levis, Calvin Klein, Paul Smith, etc., Traverse wanted something that could sustain.

While modeling, Traverse Beynon started sending his paychecks back home and it was from those paychecks that his father started a tobacco company.

In no time, he earned as much and bought the company from his family. His actual struggle for success started from this point.

His tobacco company ‘FreeChoice’ is doing pleasantly well and Traverse Beynon is the Managing Director of the company and a model as well.

Height and Weight

Height: in ft: 6’.


Travers Beynon Net Worth 2019

Traverse Beynon has been a person who worked hard enough to own what he has today, i.e. a big mansion, a happy family, two girlfriends, and an unusually happy marriage.

The fact that he has risen so much just with efforts and tactics is his biggest achievement.

Efforts count and so does smartness, he collaborated both of them to find a way towards success. Despite of having a troubled childhood, Traverse Beynon has never used that as an excuse to not work hard.

People might mock him or call him names, but what he has today is what he built in his younger years and no one can take that away from him.


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Net Worth

Travers Beynon Net Worth 2019

All this and more have added to the net worth of Traverse Beynon, which is estimated to be $250 million.