Tony Beets Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Relationship

Tony Beets Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, and Relationship

Tony Beets Net Worth 2020 – Gold may be a precious mineral and highly sought for and can even confer some importance and wealth to its owner but it remains just a mineral underneath the earth until it is discovered and dug out; only then will it be able to reach its full potential.

Tony Beets Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Relationship

The prospecting and digging up is not an easy job and only a few have been able to take it up and find us those precious substances. One of those few is Tony Beets.

Biography of Tony Beets

Tony was born to English parents in the Netherlands in a place called Wijdenes on December 15, 1959. He is of the Dutch ethnicity and Dutch-Canadian nationality.

At the age of 7, he moved with his parents to the country and settled in Burgwerd. With a change of neighborhood, he met and became friends with one Monica, who was 6 at that time and would later become his wife.

His family had a large farm and a lot of people who work in it. The management of the family farm, however, fell on him at the age of 15 when his father who used to run the business encountered a debilitating event.

He found out that even though his father was not around, he had the authority to act in his stead and that he did. Tony found himself, with the assumption of his new role, in charge of men who were far older than he was and he became their boss.


Initially, Tony and his new wife Minnie immigrated to Canada in 1980. Next, he began out on a dairy farm near Salmon Arm, B.C.

Later, he purchased a plane ticket and traveled to Whitehorse. He arrived too early in the season to get a gold mining job. Eventually, he settled a job in a Yukon gold mine, this became the start of his mining career and he has not looked back since.

Tony Beets and his family debuted in season 2 of the ‘Gold Rush’ in 2010. He works with his Beets Crew at Paradise Hill on the Paradise Hill claim.

The show aired more than 60 episodes during its long run. Currently, he provides employment to local miners in his company.

Additionally, Tony also appeared in the fourth season of ‘Gold Rush’. He purchased a floating industrial dredge on Clear Creek for $ 1 million.


Tony Beets started dating Minnie when she was 20 years old. Later, the pair married a few years later in 1984. After the marriage, he moved to Canada with his wife.

Tony later moved to Whitehorse and began working in a gold mining job.  The couple has been married for more than 60 years.

They have five children from the marriage: Bianca, Kelvin, Michale, Monica, and Jasmine. Her younger daughter, Jasmine, born in 1992 died within two and a half months. The marriage seems stable and is going strong as no news regarding any extramarital affairs is known at present.

Tony Beets Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $15 million which is a whopping amount and is sure to increase as he keeps working towards owning more gold mines in the future.

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