Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career

Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career.

Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2020 – Tommy Sotomayor is an American radio talk show host, movie producer, director, political and social commentator, YouTuber, and men’s rights activist. He is known for his satires on social and political incidents.

Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2020

Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2019


Tommy was born on 11 December 1975, in Georgia, USA. His nationality is American and ethnicity is African-American.

His birth name is Thomas Jerome Harris. His mother’s name is Joeann Malone and she is a doctor. His father’s information is not available. He has a brother Xavier aka Isley Malone.

He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and later migrated to Phoenix, Arizona. The details of his early life are unavailable, but it seems that he might have had a difficult childhood.


There is not much available on the record about his academics.


In 2012, Tommy launched his own YouTube channel which got a lot of views. He has a good number of subscribers as well to his YouTube channel. By 2015, he also diversified into making films, hosting radio shows and starting his own website.

His talks and YouTube videos are mainly revolving around social and political satires. He is both loved and hated for these videos. He was seen on ‘On point with Tomi Lahren’ (2015), ‘Tomi’ (2016) and ‘A fatherless America’ (2017). His radio show is named ‘Your world, my views’.

Tommy Sotomayor is also known as “TJ” or “Mr. Controversy”. He is the host of the radio show Your World, My Views and will star in the upcoming film, Drugs & Other Love. He also runs the website

He became popular on YouTube for a tirade about African American women. In one of his YouTube videos, he made shocking accusations blaming black women for young gay men, claiming that black women have failed.

He then added that single black mothers often take credit for rearing noteworthy children, but they blame absent fathers when the children experience challenges. He also goes on to claim that the black race has become androgynous and again claims that this is a failure among black women.

This rant may have been the catalyst for his documentary project called A Fatherless America, that focuses on the widespread problem of fatherless homes. He says the project is important to him because it is something that has touched his own life.

He believes the removal of fathers from the home is what is leading to more violence and other social ails, and he wants to share this issue with the world. The documentary highlights stories of success and triumph told from fathers, mothers, children and members of the legal system.

Net Worth

Tommy Sotomayor is an American actor, radio show host, and YouTube personality who has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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