Tom Sizemore Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Tom Sizemore Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Tom Sizemore Net Worth 2020Tom Sizemore is one man who has had a lot going on around him but managed to keep a thriving career in Hollywood as an actor of both film and television series in addition to his work as a producer.

Tom Sizemore Net Worth 2019


American actor Tom Sizemore was born Thomas Edward Sizemore Jr. and he was raised in a Roman Catholic home by his parents, Thomas Edward Sizemore, Sr., a lawyer and philosophy professor and his mum Judith Sizemore.

His birth details are given as 29th of November, 1961 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Tom is said to have studied at Michigan State University for one year, after which he proceeded to Wayne State University.

In 1986, he graduated from the Temple University where he bagged a master’s degree in theatre. In the search for greener pastures, he relocated to New York City to enhance his opportunities.

Tom Sizemore started building his career as an American film actor, a television actor and producer since 1989 and he is said to have come into the limelight when Oliver Stone cast him as Vet – Villa Dulce in Born on the Fourth of July.

Over time, he became popular for his supporting roles in films such as Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man which were released in 1991, and also Passenger 57, True Romance, Natural Born Rude Awakening, Killers and in recent times, he can be seen in films like Blue Line, House Rule and 2018 The Immortal War among many other films.

He also has diverse series he has featured in so far during the course of his career.

Height and Weight

Tom Sizemore is a gallantly built man who has a well-structured body stature and stands tall at a height of 5 ft 10 inches. The actor weighs approximately 182 pounds.


Tom Sizemore Net Worth 2019

  • Wоn Оnlіnе Fіlm Сrіtісѕ Ѕосіеtу Аwаrd: Веѕt Еnѕеmblе Саѕt Реrfоrmаnсе- fоr hіѕ rоlе іn thе mоvіе ‘Ѕаvіng Рrіvаtе Rуаn’ (1998).
  • Nоmіnаtеd fоr Ѕсrееn Асtоrѕ Guіld Аwаrd fоr Оutѕtаndіng Реrfоrmаnсе bу а Саѕt іn а Моtіоn Рісturе- fоr hіѕ rоlе іn ‘Ѕаvіng Рrіvаtе Rуаn’ (1998).
  • Nоmіnаtеd fоr Gоldеn Ѕаtеllіtе Аwаrd fоr Веѕt Реrfоrmаnсе bу аn Асtоr іn а Ѕuрроrtіng Rоlе іn а Моtіоn Рісturе – Drаmа- fоr hіѕ rоlе іn ‘Ѕаvіng Рrіvаtе Rуаn (1998).
  • Nоmіnаtеd fоr Рhоеnіх Fіlm Сrіtісѕ Ѕосіеtу Аwаrd – Веѕt Асtіng Еnѕеmblе- fоr hіѕ rоlе іn thе mоvіе ‘Вlасk Наwk Dоwn’ (2001)
  • Nоmіnаtеd fоr Gоldеn Glоbе Аwаrd fоr Веѕt Асtоr – Міnіѕеrіеѕ оr Теlеvіѕіоn Fіlm- fоr hіѕ rоlе іn thе ТV ѕеrіеѕ ‘Wіtnеѕѕ Рrоtесtіоn’ (1999).

Net Worth

Tom Sizemore Net Worth 2019

Tom Sizemore net worth: Tom Sizemore is an American actor and producer who has a net worth of $3 million. Tom Sizemore has accumulated his net worth through his many acting roles in television and films, as well as voice acting in videos and as producer of The Genius Club.

Social Media

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