Tom Selleck Wife Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Tom Selleck Wife Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Tom Selleck Wife Net Worth – Tom Selleck is an American actor and producer who has a net worth of $45 million. Tom Selleck has earned his net worth through his many acting roles in television and films during a career that has lasted more than three decades.

Selleck is probably most famous around the world for his role in the 80s action show “Magnum P.I.”. He is currently starring on the CBS cop drama “Blue Bloods”, on which he plays the role of a Police Commissioner. Tom Selleck also played the famous guest starring part as Monica’s boyfriend on the television sitcom, “Friends.”

Tom Selleck was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1945 and moved to Los Angeles when he was just a kid. He attended Grant High School and graduated in 1962. Selleck has two brothers, Robert and Daniel, as well as a sister, Martha. His father was a real estate investor and executive.

He majored in Business Administration at the University of Southern California and played on the basketball team. He attended USC on a basketball scholarship. While in college, the school’s drama coach thought Selleck should give acting a try, which got him to go on to the Beverly Hills Playhouse to study acting with Milton Katselas. He also did some modeling through his college years.

Tom Selleck Wife Net Worth 2019

Tom Selleck Wife Net Worth

Tom Selleck wife

Jacqueline (Jackie) Ray (ex-wife; married in 1971-1982)

Tom Selleck used to be a real sex symbol of his generation. Nevertheless, he has never been one of those popular men, who treated women like they were toys. He was in relationships just once or twice during the years in the movie industry. Jacqueline Mary Ray, an actress and a model, was his first wife.

Jackie was born in Burbank, CA. She attended a high school there. In early 1960s Jacqueline started career of an actress. In 1967 she gained initial popularity as the actress of Gordon Douglas action film “In Like Flint”.

Ray appeared in a number of other screen projects, such as the series “Marcus Welby, M.D.”, “Dallas”, “Magnum, P.I.” etc.

Jackie Ray was married three times and has two kids. Her first husband was Mr. Shepard. She had a son Kevin Shepard with him. On May 15, 1971 she tied a knot with our today’s hero Tom Selleck. Tom adopted his wife’s son. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work, and on August 10, 1982 the couple divorced.

Jacqueline Ray’s third husband was Clarence Barry Witmer. They wedded in 1992 and then divorced.

Except for the son, the actress had a daughter, named Umeko Bauchum. Umeko was born around 1983. In fact, this girl has always been close with her mother. That’s why it is even harder to tell the terrible story, which happened with Tom Selleck’s ex-wife because of her child.

In 2014 Jackie Ray was sentenced to 18 years of prison. She was judged for a murder! The woman hired a killer to assassinate her son-in-law and Umeko’s husband Leon Bauchum.

The woman paid $12, 000 to a criminal Luis Barker and asked him to shoot her son-in-law. According to Jacqueline’s words, Leon was very aggressive. He beat his wife Umeko and their kids. Ray hated him and found an original way to teach him a lesson.

The ex-star invited Leon to her house. There the hitman Barker was waiting for him. He beat the man and then shot him. After that the killer put his dead body to a ditch not far from Jacqueline Ray’s house.

During the court Selleck’s ex-spouse repented of the deed. Nowadays she is imprisoned. While her ex-husband Tom Selleck lives happily with his second wife.

Jillie Mack (wife since 1987)

Date of birth: December 25, 1957

If I would ask you imagine a real gentleman, whom would you think about? For most of people Tom Selleck is the brilliant embodiment of this idea. Tall, strong and very elegant with his thick suede moustache, he teaches his viewers some lessons. The first one is that policemen work hard, risk their lives and deserve our respect. And the second one is that family is the most important thing in the world.

In fact, many celebrities tell in their interviews, that they put family on the first place. At the same time, the percent of divorces among American celebrities is close to 60%.

That’s why it is even more interesting to hear the story of Tom Selleck strong marriage, which has been lasting for more than 30 years already.

Jillie Mack and Tom Selleck understand one another. She accepts his simple country lifestyle, and he tries to spend every extra minute with his family. “It’s necessary to develop your marriage”, Tom says. So, who is that magic woman, who caught Selleck’s heart?

Jillie Joan Mack is an actress and a dancer. She comes from England and started to act in early 1980s. Her first TV role was in the series “Magnum, P.I”. She played alongside her boyfriend Tom Selleck, who was the leading actor of the project.

Many people think that Jillie and Tom got acquainted at Magnum, P.I. set. In fact, that was not true. He fell in love with Jillie in London. Tom, who was 13 years older and had already divorced to the moment of their meeting, attended the West End Theater almost every evening. The reason was his obsession with the actress, who was busy in musical “Cats”, staged in this theater.

Selleck dared to ask her to go out. They started dating, and soon a good English girl came to Hawaii, where Magnum, P.I. was filmed.

Soon Jillie and Tom made their relationship official. They appeared at various public events hand by hand. She was near Tom, when he got a star at Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1986.

They wedded on a secret ceremony in late summer in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The next year the couple welcomed a daughter.

After her marriage Jillie continued appearing on the screen, but as for now

her resume looks quite empty, the brightest point of it is the role in the series “ER”. Most part of her time she spends with her husband and daughter in their rancho in Ventura County. Two celebrities lead a very private life.  They sacrifice their privacy only because of Tom’s work. From time to time Tom Selleck, Jillie Mack and their daughter Hannah appear at red carpet events. Except for Hannah, Tom has an adopted son Kevin.