Although he was rumored to be a bisexual, Todd got married to his first wife – Teresa Terry at age 21. They fell for each other while in High School in Westminister South Carolina.

At that time, Teresa was 17 and Todd Chrisley was only 19. They have two children namely Kyle Chrisley and daughter Lindsie Chrisley.

However, their relationship crashed in 1996. The actor immediately moved on with his life marrying Julie Chrisley on May 25, the same year. They also share three children Savanah, Chase, and Grayson.

Teresa nonetheless didn’t let the sleeping dog lie. She exposed some of the realities of her 7-year marriage to Chrisley and the acrimonious break up in an exclusive interview with MailOnline.

Teresa filed a domestic violence case pursuing a ‘campaign of mental and physical abuse,’ of multiple ‘battering’, once with ‘his closed fist’ after stripping her naked.

Teresa also claimed her life was threatened, adding that on one occasion, she witnessed Chrisley beating his own mother.

Additionally, she made a shocking disclosure of a private detective who was hired by Chrisley to track her down which left her fearing for her life.’