Tinglan Hong Net Worth 2021, Bio, Education, Career and Personal life

Tinglan Hong Net Worth 2021, Biography, Edu, Career and Personal Life.

Tinglan Hong Net WorthTinglan Hong became famous for dating a well-known British actor, Hugh Grant. She is best known as Grant’s ex-girlfriend and baby-mama.

Hardly will you see an article about the Chinese lady on the internet which wouldn’t relate to the Four Wedding and a Funeral star.

Her relationship with the actor might have been described as a “fleeting affair” by Grant’s publicist but it is evident that the actor did enjoy their time together.

He kept going back to her and even bought her a house worth €1.2 million. Tinglan is also the mother of two of Grant’s five kids, let’s learn more about her.

Tinglan Hong Net Worth


Tinglan Hong is a Chinese lady born and raised in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China. Her mother is a local businesswoman and her dad is also an entrepreneur.

While still at school, Hong, as described by her friends on a Chinese based website, was a rebellious student who loves fun a great deal.

Hong lived in China until 2003 when she decided to leave her motherland and move to the UK. She arrived in London and started working as a receptionist at a Chinese restaurant.

Although there is no record of Hong ever being in any film or television show both in China and in the UK, few people suggest that she is an actress.

Personal Life

Not much can be argued about her beauty, which is one of the reasons Hugh Grant just couldn’t get enough of her.

But she is not just about pretty face, Tinglan Hong is a graduate of hotel and management from the University of Surrey, in the UK.

During her time at the university, she dated former Columbian soccer striker, Adolfo Mosquera during his playing days.

Tinglan Hong is a mother of two and both of her kids are also the kids of Hugh Grant. Hong gave birth to her first child on September 26, 2011, while she was still dating the English actor.

She and Grant stopped seeing each other for a while but got back together after a few months. And shortly after they started seeing each other again, Hong got pregnant with her second child.

When she first moved to the UK, she used to live in a small apartment in Surrey, but now she occupies a €1.2 million terrace bought for her by her baby-daddy.

Hong and the British actor are ex-lovers who share two kids together. While the pair’s first child, Tabitha XaioXi Grant was born on September 26, 2011, their second child, Felix Chang Grant was born on February 16, 2013. Their kids were born in London, England.

The pair started dating in late 2010, and even though Hong knew that Grant was seeing other women, she never did mind and still chose to date him. She also did not mind the 19 years age difference between them.

The first time the public knew of their romantic affair was when they were both seen kissing each other outside a restaurant in London.

They were later spotted in several different locations together and also seen at the actor’s residence in West London more often.

Prior to the birth of the couple’s first child, Grant bought Tinglan Hong a house worth €1.2 million through his cousin Flora Hood.

The house was purchased three months before Tabitha was born. Tabitha was born at Portland Hospital in Central London, but her father was not present at the time of her birth as he was attending an event in Liverpool.

Few months after they had their daughter, the pair stopped seeing each other and Grant started seeing Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein. Anna is the mother of Grant’s three other kids and his present wife also.

Hong’s life began to look like a typical soap opera when she was pregnant with her second child for Grant. At the same time, Anna was also pregnant with Grant’s first child.

Unsurprisingly, their story was something of a feast for media outlets in the UK. Anna put to bed in September 2012, while Hong delivered Felix in February 2013.


Tinglan Hong

Tinglan Hong is not a celebrity, but she rose to fame as an ex-girlfriend of a popular actor Hugh Grant and as a mother of his two kids.

Hugh fathered his first daughter Tabitha at the age of 51, and that became a sensation. That’s why the girl’s mother Tinglan also went into the limelight.

She was born in the big city of Lishui, situated in the Eastern part of China. Her parents are successful entrepreneurs.

In 2003 Tinglan moved to London, where rented an apartment and worked as a restaurant receptionist. She crossed her ways with hot Hugh Grant in 2011 or so.

Around that time the British star opened up in his interviews that he had just returned from China and fell in love with Chinese girls.

Soon after such confession, the actor was noticed in Tinglan’s company. The woman appeared alongside Grant at bars and restaurants, she also was spotted coming out of his mansion.

As one of Hong’s friends told, she knew, that the movie star dated other girls too, but was terribly in love with him. In 2011 Tinglan gave birth to Tabitha.

She quit her job at a restaurant and focused her mind on the new-born. Hugh bought his baby mother a multi-million mansion in West London.

They broke up, but then quickly reconciled and Tinglan got pregnant again. She gave birth to Felix Grant in late December 2012.

Hugh is married as for now, so he doesn’t date Hong anymore. But he supports her and their kids.

The woman is a housewife as of now. She keeps her privacy and doesn’t share pics of her kids and details of her affair with Hugh Grant.

Net Worth

Grant’s contribution towards Hong’s net-worth is substantial. She now lives in a house worth 1.2 million Euros.

The residence was gifted to her by Grant. She also owns a fleet of luxury cars and a wardrobe full of designer clothes.