Tina Louise Net Worth 2020, Biography, Personal Life and Career

Tina Louise Net Worth 2020, Biography, Personal Life, and Career.

Tina Louise Net Worth 2020 – Tina Louise is a popular American writer, singer, and actress well known for her portrayal of Ginger Grant in the 1960s television series ‘Gilligan’s Island’.

She began acting as a stage artist during the 1950s starting with ‘Two’s Company’, a musical by Bettle Davis.

Tina Louise Net Worth


Tina was born on 11th February 1934 in New York City, U.S. Tina was born to Sylvia Horn Blacker and Joseph Blacker.

Her mother was a fashion model and his father was a candy store owner in Brooklyn and later an accountant.

In 1966 Louise married Les Crane, a radio presenter and television talk show host who was one of the pioneers in interactive broadcasting who also scored a spoken word hit with his 1971 recording of the poem Desiderata, winning a “Best Spoken Word” Grammy. They two divorced in 1971.

Tina Louise has one child; a daughter Caprice Crane who was born in 1970. She is a novelist, screenwriter, and television writer/producer.

Her first two novels Stupid & Contagious (2006) and Forget About It (2007) won Romantic Times Reader’s Choice Awards, two years in a row, in the Mainstream Fiction Chick Lit category.

Tina Louise Net Worth


Tina got her first role at the age of two after she was featured in an ad for her father’s candy store.

She played various roles until she decided to focus on school work. She studied acting at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse in Manhattan.

During her early acting years, she was offered modeling jobs including as a rising starlet and appeared in several pinup magazines such as Adam, Sir! and Modern Man.

She also posed for Playboy (May 1958; April 1959)

In 1952 she made her acting debut in the Bette Davis musical revue Two’s Company,[4] followed by roles in other Broadway productions, such as John Murray Anderson’s Almanac, The Fifth Season, and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

She made her Hollywood debut in 1958 in God’s Little Acre. In the same year, she was named the “World’s Most Beautiful Redhead” by the National Art Council.

She took roles on Broadway and in Italian cinema and Hollywood turning down roles in Li’l Abner and Operation Petticoat.

Her most notable Italian film credits are the historical epic Garibaldi (1960) that concerned Garibaldi’s efforts to unify the Italian states in 1860.

In 1964 marked a major turn in her career when she signed to play Ginger Grant in Gilligan’s Island, a situational comedy, which catapulted her to the status of a pop icon of those times. She continued with the series until its end in 1967.

Post-1967, she regularly appeared in many of the films made for television. In 1975, her portrayal of a suburban homemaker destined to fate in the movie ‘The Stepford Wives’ was well appreciated.

During the late 70s, she starred in ‘Dallas’, a very popular prime-time soap opera and followed it up with the 1984 television soap ‘Rituals’ replacing Jo-Ann Plug in the role of Taylor Chaplin.

During the 80s and 90s, she appeared in a few movies most noteworthy being ‘O.C. and Stiggs’ co-starring Robert Altman.

In 1992, she starred in the satirical ‘Johnny Suede’ co-starring Brad Pitt, who later went on to become one of the most famous Hollywood stars of all time.

Louise also tried her hand in music when she made one record album ‘It’s Time for Tina’ which was released originally on Concert Hall in 1957 (Concert Hall 1521), and later reissued on Urania Records (1958 and 1959 respectively).

In 2012 the album was released on iTunes.

Tina Louise Net Worth

Is Tina Louise Alive or Dead

Tina is very much alive and enjoying her accumulated wealth.

Net Worth

Tina Louise is an American actress, author, and singer who has a net worth of $6 million dollars.

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