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Tim Hawkins Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement

Tim Hawkins Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement

Famous for his parodies like “Candy Man” and “Dust in the Wind,” Tim Hawkins has won the hearts of millions as a comedian and a songwriter. The Christian singer was born on March 30, 1968, in Saint Charles, Missouri.Tim Hawkins Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement


Tim dedicates most of his time to his family as he is the father of four and a loving husband. Although his humor and jokes have melted hearts all over the internet, very little information is available about Tim Hawkins’ early life.

Tim was born on March 30, 1968, in Saint Charles, Missouri. Although much knowledge of Tim’s schooling isn’t available, he had graduated from the University of Missouri. While in college, Tim was a part of the college’s baseball team. After graduating, Tim Hawkins worked numerous odd jobs to support himself financially.

Later in the year 2002, Tim left his career as a truck driver to follow his dream of becoming a comedian. Since then, Tim has shown immense love and dedication towards his passion. Now, as he shares the hall of fame with the greats in his profession, he holds an incredible tale to himself regarding how he reached the peak of success.

In Tim’s early days, his elder brother Todd played a crucial role in his success to this day. Todd acts as Tim’s stage manager and had immense participation in shaping his career.

The comedian and singer spend most of his time with his family and not with the media. Hence not much can be said about his personal life. Tim Hawkins got married to Heather in the year 1993.

The couple now shares a happy experience along with their four children, that includes their three daughters Spencer, Olivia and Levi, and their son Jackson.


Tim has excelled in his profession from the very beginning. After Tim left his job as a truck driver in 2002, he started to put more time and effort into his comic performances.

In no time, he became a hit across the country. In his early days, his achievements would be sold in the form of DVDs and CDs.It was not until 2007 that Tim started posting content online.

In no time, Tim became a household name for his work. As Tim made family comedies, he gained more attraction for his work. Tim has always tried to portray through his art that family comes before anything.

Tim had gained over 300 million views on his videos on YouTube in no time. Tim also did shows all over the nation and stated that he has almost 100 sold-out concerts every year.

Apart from his comic performances, Tim is also a songwriter and singer. His parodies are insanely popular all over the internet.

Few of his acclaimed performances include “Smells like Birthday,” “3rd wheel”, “I’ll clean up after you,” “Prairie Home Sausage,” “Homeschool Blues,” “Chick-Fil-a,” Dogs on Fire,” A Whiff of Kansas,” “Free Gospel Report,” “I’m a Christian,” and “The Old White Man.”

Net WorthTim Hawkins Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement

As of 2020, Tim Hawkins is worth over $1 Million. Most of his cash flow is due to his performances and shows across the country. Apart from that, he earns through his online content and the music albums he has released over the period.

Although many have turned away from a career in comedy due to the fear of being left out and that only a few make it to the top, Tim surprised the nation with his story. He serves as an example for those who hesitate to chase their dreams.

He has encouraged the youth throughout to venture out in the world in search of passion and love for an art form, to show dedication towards it and emerge victorious in life.

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