Thomas Oliveira Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Thomas Oliveira Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Thomas Oliveira Net Worth 2020 – Call of Duty based gaming clan FaZe Clan has made multiple people millionaires. One of the clan’s richest members is none other but the owner himself, FaZe Temperrr.

Thomas Oliveira Net Worth 2019

His unique marketing strategies have helped FaZe Clan become one of the most popular gaming and vlogging channels on YouTube.


Thomas Oliveira (the name which he used before stepping into this successful venture) was born on 25 August, 1993 in Brazil. Not much is known about where he studied. It is said that he has a big family back in Brazil.

He decided to shift to New York with his mother (his only parent). FaZe Temperrr also has a younger sibling whom he loves very much.

Apart from this, not much is known about his family or why his mother is a single parent.

Nevertheless, one can say that he had a childhood happy enough to become such a successful e-gamer.

A lot of support and love is needed when one decides to dig into unconventional and unreliable fields of career and FaZe Temperrr is definitely blessed with a loving and caring family.

What started as a playtime hobby and underwent extreme passion has now turned into one of the best dream a child could have. What better way to tame your passion into a career? Well, start an eSport Organization.

Yes, that’s what Thomas Oliveira aka FaZe Temperrr did! Not only was forming the idea into substance difficult, but also very uncertain.

However, the very known FaZe Temperrr (as he is known in the gaming world) gave it all up and started the “FaZe Clan” channel (YouTube) on 30th May, 2010.

The organization competes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, the very famous Call of Duty, FIFA, and a few more tournaments.

FaZe Temperrr is the CEO of FaZe Clan and co-owns the company with Yousef “Apex” Abdelfaltah, Richard “Banks” Bengtson and Nordan “Rain” Shat. Initially, these were the only members of the FaZe Clan, but with time members grew.

Apart from earning quite a good amount from YouTube, FaZe Temperrr has also started his fashion line, which sells a variety of wearables, including hoodies, t-shirts and jackets with the FaZe Clan sign.

The source of his earnings is credited to YouTube and many sponsors. However, the two main sponsors of FaZe Clan are GFuel Energy and Scuf Gaming, which are also its partners. FaZe Temperrr has gathered about five people who edit all the videos of the “FaZe Clan”.

This venture is still doing its best on social media- Twitter FaZe Clan has more than 2 million followers and is going great on with a little less on Instagram as well.

It is also important to note that it has about 65 gamers or videomakers at the time, all of which make it quite a large association.

Height and Weight

HEIGHT in centimeters- 188 cm
in meters- 1.88 m
in Feet Inches- 6’ 2”
WEIGHT in Kilograms- 76 kg
in Pounds- 167.55 lbs


Thomas Oliveira Net Worth 2019

FaZe Temperrr has achieved a lot of success, recognition and has made his name worldwide through making videos and playing games.

Isn’t it cool enough to do what you love and still play? Well, we all know that winning awards is a mark of honor and respect and most importantly a sort of validation, but who needs validation in the gaming world.

So, even though there are no awards for making videos and playing, FaZe Temperrr has still made his mark in a zillion other ways.


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Net Worth

Thomas Oliveira Net Worth 2019

In a short span of time, to be precise 8 years, FaZe Temperrr has garnered a huge fan following. FaZe Temperrr has accumulated a net worth of $4.5 million.

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