The boys you knew during childhood

The definitive list of important childhood memories

How early can you recall childhood memories?

Typically, most people usually recall their memories about the age of three and half years old. It is the time that the developing brain starts to maintain its long-term memory function.

Rarely, and usually surrounding an extreme or traumatic event, one may be able to remember something that happened before the age of four. These are the top ten most common first childhood memories according to a recent survey:

  • Trip to dentist
  • Birthday party
  • Vacation
  • Trip to the doctor
  • Being Outside
  • First day at school
  • Playing with friends
  • A tooth falling out
  • An accident or injury
  • Receiving a gift.

Childhood Amnesia (Difficulty recalling childhood memories)

Some people have a limited early childhood memory, especially the older they get.  Most times, those who may have experienced a bad childhood, may have been a victim of childhood abuse or experienced a trauma in their early reported not remembering much about their childhood if that is the case, then a selective memory can be common.

Common favorite childhood memories

  • Your favorite stuffed animal
  • Your favorite story
  • Your parent’s favorite music
  • A childhood pet
  • Building forts and castles
  • Your first cartoon
  • Family holiday
  • Playing Outside with friends
  • Playing hide and seek Climbing trees.