The art of using and understanding space involves ————

The art of using and understanding space involves ————

A. Varying the size of objects or subjects, so that some are smaller than others and the illusion of depth is created.
B. Showing a change from light to dark in an object by darkening areas that would have a shadow.
C. Placing part of one shape or form in front of another.
D. All of the above.

Answer: D

All of the above


In art, usage of space and understanding is one of the most crucial aspects that allows artists to express reality.

This relevant aspect includes understanding how lights and shadows work to reflect light and shadow in art; understanding same thing varies depending on their distance from a point; and understanding of how one or more objects interfere or overlap with other objects also.

These are the three crucial aspects because they take place in real life and by mastering them the artist can express reality in terms of distance and light / shadow.

So, the using and understanding of space in art implies all of the above (varying in size to create a division, dark areas that should be shaded, and placing part of one object in front of another object).