Sue Aikens Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Sue Aikens Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Sue Aikens Net Worth 2020Sue Aikens is an American television personality. She is one of the stars of US documentary television series ‘Life Below Zero’. Previously, she also appeared in the TV series ‘Flying Wild Alaska’.

Sue Aikens Net Worth 2020


Sue Aikens was born in Chicago in the year 1963 on 1st July. While other women were busy collecting shoes and fancy bags, she was collecting bullets and stones. She is a true survivor! She was a young 12-year-old girl when Sue’s mother abandoned.

She has learnt to live in harsh weather conditions, and she has seen it all. A young girl left in the wild, she lived in the most merciless situation. She lived amidst the wilderness of Alaska which has made her strong. She had no other option but to live this life!

She had a troubled childhood, but as she grew up, she had to face many other challenges. She got married thrice, but none of the marriages were successful. The story of life is depressive as both her first and second husband died.

She had two children from her second marriage. The two children are old enough, but they moved to live a normal life in the United States. They did not want to live a nomadic life.

She is in touch with her children through social media. The third husband left her for a younger woman. In a nutshell, she has experienced the most difficult situations in life.

Sue is a television personality and an Alaskan hunter. She lived amidst the wilderness for long which prepared her mentally as well as physically. Sue’s first television appearance was in, ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska.’

Her second show was, ‘Flying Wild Alaska.’ It was her third show called, ‘Life below Zero,’ when she gained a lot of popularity. People started recognizing her. Her net worth increased after doing this show. The show was about six survivors and their survival techniques.

She has a camp called, ‘Kavik River Camp,’ which is close to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is a hunting and bird-watching site where people can do various camping activities. She lives on this camp and runs it successfully. Her main source of income comes from the Kavik River Camp.

The camp is special! Since the slots are limited, it is a popular camp, and she earns big bucks through this. Adventure enthusiasts get an accommodation place during the hunting season. It is a great business!.

Height and Weight

Height 175 cm
Weight 77 kilo


Sue Aikens Net Worth 2020

Sue Aikens was a young girl when she was left alone by her mother. She lived amidst the wilderness for many years which prepared her for the worse situations of life. Nature was her home.

From a homeless person to a camp-owner, she used her survival skills and made a flourishing career. She was able to survive as a young woman, and she is a well-known personality.

It takes a lot of courage to forget everything and move on in life. She faced a lot of difficult situations, but she did not break. She became stronger! This is the biggest achievement of life!.

Net Worth

Her current net worth stands at $650 thousand. Sue earns a lot through her camp in. She has an annual salary of $200,000. Her camp gives accommodation to hunting enthusiasts.

Social Media

Follow her on Instagram @SueAikens

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