Stromae Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Stromae Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Stromae Net Worth – As the world of music consistently keeps expanding, with new music genres, singers, musicians, and lyricists, it gets much more diverse for us as listeners.

However, as people trying to make into the music industry, it gets exceedingly difficult. As the number of musicians increases, the chances of being discovered as a prolific singer or musician decrease exponentially. One needs to stand out and stand apart from the crowd.

Stromae Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram


Stromae or Paul Van Haver was born on 12 March 1985 in Brussels, Belgium. His mother was a teacher who taught at school and his father was a traveling musician.

He and his brother grew up in Brussels at a time when there were some of the biggest concerts in the world.

As a child, he didn’t has a lot of money and he did a lot of job as distributed propaganda leaflets that musicians gave him to earn some coins.

Other jobs were the distribution of newspapers or shoe cleaning. With ten years, his life has changed drastically.

His father was cheating his mother, and their marriage was over, and Paul, along with his brother and younger sister, was dragged along with his father on the road. He moved from Brussels to one smaller city in Belgium.

His father was very strict in the music teaching of his children and severely times he punished them when they confused the notes.

As a teenager, Paul showed the musical nature that often led him to fight with his father. He began as a drummer in his family band between 2001 and 2003, led by his father, and he also learned to play violin and saxophone.

He left the family band and went to work with teachers from music school. He was on a tour with his college band and other bands from Europe in 2005.

Stromae began to emerge in the world of rap and RnB music in 2008 in New York City when he joined to the rap band from this city and he introduced his plan, with which he wanted to make a big success in singing and rapping…

The feeling of rhythm and swing reflected in his improvisations was much more relaxed and more graceful than those that were usually heard during that decade.

His line was accompanied by a refreshing and logical melody, and the influence of his style was so wide that he was quoted many times as a favorite singer and rapper by many modern bands and singers.

A large part of the style called cool on the west coast was a direct product of Stromae; Many musicians played his compositions in the notes of their own performances.

He made unforgettable recordings with singer Billie Walker, who called him “the leader of the new sound,” and he gets a lot of positive comments from the audience around the world.

Height and Weight

Height 200 cm
Weight 87 kilo

Stromae Net Worth


Stromae has been nominated for and won the MTV Europe awards for the category of music. His music videos have also been nominated for their quality in animation as well as their uniqueness.

His dance skills have not gone unnoticed either, with Stromae picking up multiple nominations for best choreography.

Net Worth

Stromae is still making leaps in his career and current net worth at about $6.5 million. This would no doubt double or even triple overtime.

Social Media

Connect with Him on Instagram@Stromae

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