Steve Wozniak Net Worth, Biography, Education, Family and Marriage

Steve Wozniak Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, Family and Marriage

Steve Wozniak Net Worth 2020 – Steve Wozniak born as Stephen Gary Wozniak and mostly referred to by his nickname, Woz, is the designer and developer of the Apple I in 1975, which became the computer that launched Apple when he and Steve Jobs marketed it in 1976. In 1977,

Steve Wozniak Net Worth 2020

Steve Wozniak Net Worth 2019

he primarily designed the Apple II which was known to be among the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputer. Rod Holt, an early Apple employee, developed the switching power supply while Jobs was overseeing the development of its foam-molded plastic case.


Stephen Gary Wozniak, better known as Steve Wozniak, is an American inventor, electronics engineer, who co-founded with Steve Jobs the world-famous Apple company. It was he who invented the first personal computer and shaped the development of the industry.

Steve was born in the Californian city of San Jose, in the family of Margaret Kern and her husband Jacob Wozniak. The boy’s father was an engineer, and it was he who taught Steve, nicknamed «Woz», all the peculiarities of the electronics.

Little Steve created an intercom system and joined six children bedrooms of neighboring houses to chat with friends without leaving home.

After school, the boy entered the University of Colorado, but he studied there only a year as the parents had no money for expensive studying. He transferred to a less prestigious De Anza College, however, soon he left it. But at College Steve met his namesake Jobs.

They became friends due to the commercial fraud. The young engineer Wozniak created the device “Blue box” to crack сcommercial telephone networks, and the young businessman Jobs sold this device.

Steve Wozniak Education

Wozniak attended Homestead High School and graduated in 1968. He then joined the University of Colorado Boulder but was expelled in his first year after he was caught sending messages on the University’s computer system and he returned to the Bay Area in 1969.

This is the time as a self-taught project, Wozniak designed and built a Cream Soda computer with his friend Bill Fernandez.

He later decided to enroll at De Anza College and later he transferred to the University of California, Berkely in 1971. Before joining Apple Steve Wozniak was employed at Hewlett-Packard (HP) where he designed calculators.

While at HP, he befriended Steve Jobs and they went on to co-found Apple company. After his career at Apple, Wozniak joined UC Berkeley to complete his degree.


Steve Wozniak was born and raised in San Jose, California. He is a son of Francis Jacob Wozniak from Michigan and Margaret Louise Wozniak from Washington.

The name indicated on Wozniak’s certificate is “Stephan Gary Wozniak,” but Steve’s mother said that she wanted it to be Spelled “Stephen,” which is what he uses.

Wozniak has mentioned that his surname is polish and Ukrainian and spoken of his polish descent and says that he is not an heritage expert so he does not know the origin of other people with the Wozniak surname.

Matrimonial Home

Steve Wozniak’s first wife was Alice Robertson. She was a public figure and a member of the Order of the Eastern Star which was connected with the Masons.

Wozniak also joined the Freemasons to spend more time with his wife. Although he even got the third degree there, he never shared the ideas of the onion. Steve and Alice lived together for about four years, but in 1980 they divorced.

Net Worth

Being one of the shareholders for the Apple Company, Steve Wozniak enjoys a huge net worth of 100 million dollars. As a founder of a company even after he has retired for a long time, he still receives a steepened of about 120,000 dollars annually.

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