Sophia Loren Height, Weight, Body Measurement, Relationship, Career, Award and Net Worth 2019

Sophia Loren Height, Weight, Body Measurement, Relationship, Career, Award and Net Worth 2019

Sophia Loren Weight, and Net Worth – Sophia Loren is an Academy Award-winning Italian actress. A striking beauty, Loren is often listed among the world’s all time most attractive women.

Sophia Loren Height and Net Worth 2019

Sophia Loren Height


Age: 82 years

Height: 5’ 9” (174 cm)

Weight: 143 pounds (65 kg)


Sophia Loren Height

Sophia Loren is a married woman. Sophia met Carlo Ponti, Sr when she was 15 years old, and he was 37. They married on April 9, 1966, and had two sons, Carlo Jr. and Edoardo.


Sophia’s first role was in the film ‘Quo Vadis’ (1951) as an extra. After this, she started modelling for magazines and became quite known in Italy.

For her first starring role in ‘Aida’ (1953) she received critical acclaim. But her breakthrough movie was ‘The Gold in Naples'(1954), directed by Vittorio De Sica.

From 1954 to 1957 she did many movies including ‘Too Bad She’s Bad’ (1954), ‘Scandal in Sorrento’ (1955), ‘Lucky to Be a Woman’ (1956), ‘Boy on a Dolphin’ (1957), ‘Legend of the Lost’ (1957) and ‘The Pride and the Passion'(1957).
The movie ‘A Special Day’ was released in 1977. It was directed by Ettore Scola and starred Marcello Mastroianni opposite her. The movie was a box-office hit and was nominated for 11 international awards.

In 1980, A. Hotchner wrote an internationally successful biography on her titled ‘Sophia Loren: Her Own Story’. Soon the book’s made-for-TV biopic came out, where Sophia portrayed herself and her mother.

In 1981, she launched her own perfume and became the first celebrity to do so. Soon, a brand of eyewear followed.

She starred in Howard Deutch’s ‘Grumpier Old Men’ which was released in 1995 and co-starred Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon and Ann-Margret. It was a box-office success and personally one of her biggest hits in years


Sophia Loren Height

For the movie ‘Two Women’, Sophia Loren won a total of 22 international awards including Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Award and Academy Award for Best Actress.

In 1991, she received the Academy Honorary Award for her contribution to world cinema and

In 1995 she was honoured with the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award.

For her contribution to cinema, she was awarded an Honorable Prize at the 20th Moscow International Film Festival in 1997, and in 2001 a Special Grand Prix of the Americas Award at the Montrel World Film Festival.

Net Worth

Sophia Loren earns a decent amount of salary, and her net worth is $75 million dollars.