Skrillex Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Award

Skrillex Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Award.

Skrillex Net Worth 2020Skrillex is an American singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, music producer, and DJ who is acclaimed for his music videos and albums like ‘First of the Year’, ‘Bangarang’, and ‘My Name is Skrillex’.

Skrillex Net Worth 2020

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His career as a musician and singer took off when he volunteered to play the guitar for the rock band ‘From First to Last’, but was instead chosen as the lead vocalist.

Skrillex Net Worth

Skrillex is an American electronic DJ and record producer who has a net worth of $45 million.


Born on January 15, 1988, in the Highland Park. His parents were both Scientologists. Sonny Moore was said to be extremely spoiled by his parents who didn’t hesitate to give him all his little heart desired.

He attended school to specialize in arts in his hometown but was homeschooled after one of his teachers told him he couldn’t smoke in school most especially at his age.

Moore started smoking at the age of 14, and after being scolded by his teacher, his parents practically supported Moore and told the school off. They took their son and never came back. This was the reason for him being homeschooled.


Skrillex began his career (and the accumulation of his net worth) as the lead singer in the band From First to Last. After two reasonably successful albums, Skrillex began a solo career, still under his real name of Sonny Moore.

Then, in 2008, his career as a dubstep producer began. He was seen in various clubs in the Los Angeles area under the name “Skrillex,” and in 2010 he released his official debut EP under the Skrillex name, entitled My Name Is Skrillex.

He followed the EP’s success with a series of producing gigs, including one for metal band Bring Me the Horizon. He’s continued to work as a producer for acts such as Korn and deadmau5 since becoming a producer.

The career of Skrillex hasn’t been all roses, though. In 2011, he announced that his new album was lost after his laptops were stolen from a hotel in Milan. He took the development in stride, though, continuing to produce music in a variety of genres and touring with other music acts.

Skrillex released his debut studio album Recess in 2014 and the album reached #4 in the US and Australia as well as #3 in Canada. He also released the album Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U in 2015.


The six-time Grammy Award winner’s follow-up album Recess was released in 2014 making 50 thousand sales in the first week of its release. Apart from his EP albums and remixes, Skrillex has also won an award for his music in an animated feature production, Wreck It Ralph in 2013.