Shawn Mendes Aaliyah Mendes Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Shawn Mendes Aaliyah Mendes Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Shawn Mendes Aaliyah Mendes Net Worth – Aaliyah Mendes is a social media star who has gained massive fame on Vine under the name Princess Aaliyah. She also had over 250,000followers by the time the app was shut down. Furthermore, she is also famous for being the sister of Shawn Mendes who is a famous pop star and heartthrob of many.

Shawn Mendes Aaliyah Mendes Net Worth 2019

Shawn Mendes Aaliyah Mendes Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education:

Aaliyah Mendes was born on 15th of September 2003 in Toronto, Canada. She was born to Manuel Mendez and Karen Mendez. Her father is a businessman whereas her mother is a real estate agent.

She also has an older brother who is no other than Shawn Mendes. If you haven’t heard of him then, you are probably hidden under the shadows of the dark aisles.

Aaliyah comes from a mixed English and Portuguese descent but her nationality is Canadian. It is also known that Shawn sang “In My Blood in Portuguese” to show his support for Portugal during the 2018 Fifa World Cup.

Looking into her education, Aaliyah is still a high school student. Academically, she is a very good student and has an even greater personality.


Shawn Mendes Aaliyah Mendes Net Worth

Aaliyah Mendes is taking her own sweet time before hitting it big in the showbiz. She is still immature and learning from her brother.

She is a respectable figure and also has been able to establish herself for her own work. She has only been able to manage a decent earning at a very young age and 2018 was a pretty good year for her.

Aaliyah has accumulated a decent net worth enough to suffice for herself and let’s not forget she is the sister of Shawn Mendes who is popular worldwide.

The 15 years old has a net worth of $300,000 which is not bad for 15 years old. However, compared to her brother who has a net worth of over $12 million, it is way out of her league for now.

Aaliyah has made a name for herself as a famous Vine star when the application was running. Although the app has been shut down she is still prominent on other social media.

Aaliyah was heavily influenced by her brother and following the footsteps of her brother, she too started using Vine. She joined the video sharing platform in July 2013 and gained massive fame in just a short amount of time. On the other hand, she also has over 800 thousand followers on Instagram.


The Toronto-born singer has to his belt three Juno Awards as well as an American Music Award. The Stitches crooner has embarked on three fruitful concert tours and made some television and film appearances.

Aaliyah is yet another star who has proven that talent and beauty run in the Mendes family. She is not just popular for her social media presence but also for her real-life beauty. Though she is still young and has many years ahead, she flaunts a charming face and a unique body formation that quite suit her career.