Top 10 Sexual Anime 2021 That Will Awaken Your Kinkiest Fantasies

The sexual anime scenes of these Anime are often leaked across porn sites, much to the irk of Anime Producers. But there is no denying that the Anime world should give its due credit to these anime for bolstering their fan base. Acknowledging that, I’ve decided to give you the best adult anime movies and shows, that are sexy and are almost like Hentai. Keep reading for more details.

Sexual Anime

Here is the list of top sexy adult anime ever made that are like porn — but still they are not. So, forget the best hentai anime and instead watch these.

1. Nana (2006)

Though ‘Nana’ contains some nudity it is not the reason for its occurrence on this list. Most of this anime’s theme is for a mature group.

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The struggle and self-realization that the protagonists of this anime go through is something that will not be easily understood by a younger audience. ‘Nana’ revolves around two girls having the same name.

Nana Komatsu is a timid, gullible 20-year-old lady. She is dependent on her boyfriend even though she knows that it is not good for her.

She boards a train to Tokyo in hopes of chasing her boyfriend. Nana Osaki is a bold girl who is a punk rock singer.

She quits her band in hopes of becoming a famous singer and boards the same train to Tokyo.

These two individuals meet and a friendship ensues. But will this friendship stand the test of time as various obstacles surface in front of them?

2. Jin-Rou (1999)

‘Jin-Rou’ is a nice anime movie. Violence and profanity are some of the reasons for giving a spot to this anime on this list.

Sexual Anime

But the main reason is the adult theme and philosophies that anime showcases which are too mature for younger audiences.

This movie also one of the saddest anime movies out there and will make you care for the characters.

Constable Kazuki Fuse works in the Capital Police’s Special Unit. He must undergo retraining after he fails to shoot a suicide bomber, who was a girl, which leads to the mission’s failure.

He tries to gather evidence about the girl and ends up meeting her sister.

As he gets more and more drawn towards the girl’s sister he becomes a staple reason for the conflict between the local and capital police forces.

3. Sekirei (2008)

Sekirei is here obviously because of the enormous amount of fanservice and nudity which is not appropriate for anyone but humour me when I say adults can watch this.

Gay Anime

Though the show is mildly entertaining the biggest problem it has is the way it treats women as objects and prizes. Other than that it is a nice entertaining ecchi anime for anyone who loves this genre.

Sekirei are extraterrestrial beings who kiss humans possessing special genes. The kiss brings out the secret powers of the human.

After failing his college entrance exam for the second time everyone around Minato Sahashi treats him as a loser.

A Sekirei by the name of Musubi falls into his life. She kisses him and brings forth his secret powers.

Now, Musubi and Minato are a team and should compete against other such teams. This is going to be more dangerous than Minato might imagine.

4. Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi (2008)

From one immortal soul to another, ‘Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi’ also tells the story of a character who cannot die.

Sexual Anime

The anime contains horror and sex scenes which makes it a show for mature audiences. The anime is an original one, meaning there is no novel or manga of it.

‘Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi’ contains a total of 6 episodes and each episode is around 45 minutes in length.

Rin Asogi is the protagonist of this anime and she is immortal. This is because of her consuming the time fruit which comes from the guardian tree known as Yggdrasil.

She works as a detective along with her partner Mimi who is also immortal. The entire anime focuses on the 65 years of Rin’s life during which people around her grow old but she remains the same.

Over the course of her life, Rin has been tortured and murdered various amounts of time but each time she came back.

But now someone is killing immortal women and Rin might actually be in mortal danger this time. Can she find out the culprit?

5. Blade of The Immortal (2008)

‘Blade of The Immortal’ is an anime that has lots of sex, violence, gore, rape, and murder. Opinions on this anime are fairly diverse.

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The manga is popular but the anime adaptation is sort of a downgrade. I found the series entertaining enough to include it this on the list.

The main positive point for me is the main character Manji’s lack of skill. If he was not immortal he would have been killed many times over. I don’t know why but this is something I like about this anime.

Manji is the protagonist of the story. He is immortal and carries multiple weapons on him at all times.

He is responsible for the death of many good men. Manji vows to kill 100 evil men for every good man he has killed to regain his mortality.

The person responsible for his immortality agrees to his proposition and Manji sets out to kill 1000 evil men.

On his journey, he meets a girl who wants revenge for the death of her parents. Manji decides to help her. But is revenge everything?

6. Requiem for the Phantom (2009)

‘Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom’ is a seinen, thriller anime having lots of action and drama. It is an entertaining anime that will grip your attention until the very last.

Sexual Anime

There are 26 episodes in this anime and each episode is around 24 minutes.

The anime contains violence and profanity which earns it a spot on this list. In America, the Mafia is widespread. There are regular killings and assassination which take place.

Most of these assassinations are conducted by a mysterious company by the name of Inferno who use there powerful human weapons known as a phantom.

One day a Japanese tourist ends up watching an assassination by a phantom. He tries to escape but is caught and brainwashed by the phantom.

The phantom who does this is a woman by the name of Ein and she is the leader of Inferno’s ‘Scythe Master’.

The phantoms give the tourist the name Zwei and he is now a part of their organization. Can he regain his memory and escape from this world of bloodshed?

7. Gangsta (2015)

‘Gangsta.’ is a seinen anime that has lots of action and drama. There is a total for 12 episodes in this anime and each episode is about 23 minutes in length.

Gay Anime

‘Gangsta.’ contains sex and violence and other adult themes earning it a spot on this list. The anime is set in the city of Ergastalam.

The protagonists of the anime are Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo who are mercenaries. They are quite good at their game and are famously known as ‘Handymen’.

After finishing their job i.e. the elimination of a pimp they have another target by the name of Alex, a prostitute.

But instead of killing her, they decide to protect her from people who want to kill her. The city is home to ‘Twilights’, humans who have acquired supernatural powers by taking a special drug.

But some organizations have started hunting them down. Also, the city’s balance of power is soon going to change and war is imminent. What will our handymen do?

8. Gantz (2004)

People who have seen ‘Gantz’ will understand why this anime is on this list. This anime has all the dark themes that an anime can have.

Sexual Anime

The anime showcases rape, sex, murder, gore, and violence which earns it a spot on this list.

There are a total of 13 episodes in the first season of the series and each episode is around 22 minutes long.

If you want to experience an anime with lots of characters most of whom do not survive till the last episode then ‘Gantz’ is the stuff.

It is a good survival genre anime but to love it you will have to put up with all the gory things that will be thrown in your way.

Kei Kurono and his friend Katou try to help a man who is on the subway tracks. They do save him but they get hit by the subway train and die.

But here death does not transfer you to heaven or hell but rather puts you in a room where you have to complete missions which often involve killing to get rewards and survive.

9. Kenpuu Denki Berserk (1997)

Kenpuu Denki Berserk’ is one of the most popular action anime. It has demons, supernatural beings, and overpowered humans in it.

Sexual Anime


These are the staple ingredients in the making of a badass action anime. There are a total of 25 episodes in this anime with each episode having a runtime of about 25 minutes.

Guts is the protagonist of the anime. He wields a big powerful sword and survives by working as a mercenary.

He was born from his mother’s corpse and has been no stranger to bloodshed. Being a mercenary his only job is to fight and kill. So, he moves from one battlefield to another to earn enough to get by.

Band of The Hawk is a famous mercenary group. Guts joins the group after he loses a battle against the group’s leader.

As the series progresses he becomes a formidable weapon for the group and quickly rises to the top. But he soon realizes that the world is not as binary as he believed.

10. Hellsing (2001)

If you love watching anime with vampires and other supernatural themes then you will really enjoy ‘Hellsing’.

The protagonist of this anime is really popular in the anime world. The premise is quite nice and the characters are interesting.

Sexual Anime

There are a total of 13 episodes in this anime and each episode is about 23 minutes in length. The anime is set in a world where supernatural beings exist and cause havoc.

The normal police force is incapable of dealing with such threats. The organization which is responsible to protect humans and wipe out supernatural beasts is the Hellsing Organization.

The leader of this organization is Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. A recent event has taken place in a village that is turning the villagers into ghouls who attack humans.

The police force which goes to deal with the threat is wiped out. The Hellsing organization is given a call and their leader sends in Alucard a vampire, who is her best weapon.

Alucard does neutralize the threat but a young policewoman is mortally wounded in the process.

Alucard gives her a choice to die as a human or become a vampire and protect humans. She chooses the latter and Alucard bites her.

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