Sebastian Marroquin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Career, and Achievement

Sebastian Marroquin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Career, and Achievement

Sebastian Marroquin is an Architect by profession and also doubles as an author. He is well known as he is the son of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. His father is deceased and is remembered to be the man responsible for the exportation of cocaine to the American Market.Sebastian Marroquin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Career, and Achievement


Sebastian Marroquin was born in the year 1977 on February 24th. His father is a slain drug lord Pablo Escobar, and his mother was Juan Escobar. He has one sister by the name Manuella Escobar.

They first fled from Colombia to Mozambique. They later traveled to Argentina using a tourist visa. After they reached Argentina, they became permanent residents.

They were given citizenship as citizens from exile. His birth name was Juan Pablo. He decided to change his name to Sebastian Marroquin. He found this name in a telephone book. They still make money using ‘Paul Escobar’ brand; they have failed several to register it as a brand.

Sebastian Marroquin has disassociated himself from his father and has refused to adopt his father’s last name.He has a wife, and together they are blessed with a son. He works as an architect. In recent years, Sebastian Marroquin has been able to meet various victims of his father.


After attending college, he completed his college degree in Architecture. Marroquin is currently practicing his career in Argentina. He has been able to achieve so much success as an architect. Sebastian has also been able to create a new line of clothing that has, over time, gained a substantial victory.

He has also been able to author a book ‘Sins of My Father’. Marroquin has worked with various productions to produce documentaries regarding the life of his father. After the famous death of his father, Sebastian Marroquin decided not to follow in the footsteps of his dad.

He desired to create better and clean money for himself. It is from here that he was able to join college and did the Architecture course. Sebastian is among the best architects in Argentina and has changed his lifestyle for the best. He is a perfect example that change is real, and all that is required is just a step of faith.

Net WorthSebastian Marroquin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Career, and Achievement

As of September 2020, Sebastian Marroquin has a net worth exceeding $120 million. This wealth has majorly been from his career as an architect and as an author. He has an annual salary of over $4 million. Sebastian Marroquin has been able to shoot a documentary regarding his father’s life.

The film was meant to promote reconciliation and end the hatred that many of the victims had. The documentary earned him a substantial amount of income. He is the author of  ‘Sins of my father.’ Sebastian Marroquin has been able to create his organic line of clothes.

Sebastian Marroquin has been the exact opposite of his dad. He has been able to embrace a new beginning for himself and his family. He has set a fresh start for all his descendants to follow. What a good example!

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