Scotty Cranmer Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Scotty Cranmer Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Scotty Cranmer Net Worth 2020 – Scotty Cranmer is an American BMX rider who has won a total of 9 medals in a relatively short period.

Much of his fame is a result of his successful YouTube channel where he posts his own bike and car stunts along with his friends.

Scotty Cranmer Net Worth 2020


Scotty was born in New Jersey in United States on January 11,1987. He was named after his father Scott who was especially delighted for having a son.

His mother Donna was his biggest support from the day he was born and they have a special relationship.

He is very close go his younger brother Matty (Mat) who is also interested in BMX riding and wants to become a professional as his older brother.

Matty was a very often guest at his brother Scottie’s channel, showing the riding skills his brother taught him. Scotty says that he is very proud to be influencing his brother since the young age.

Scotty got interested in riding after watching a few BMX riders making stunts and doing the most incredible air actions. He was especially interested in Mat Hoffman, who was one of the best ramp riders ever.

Scotty Cranmer was different from other riders because of his fearless atempts in making the hardest and most dangerous BMX stunts. Scotty was a student at Jackson Memorial High School.

He joined the world of BMX as an amateur rider but he had natural talent so he grew to be one of the best amateur BMX riders in a short while.

He gained success at almost every amateur tournaments he joined to. He was getting more and more fans and in a short period of time everybody knew about Scotty Cranmer.

He was nicknamed as “The Bulldozer” because he was never afraid to do hard and daring stunts and never quit no matter what.

The nickname was also connected to the fact that he won almost every tournament which he attended so he “bulldozered” over his oponents.

Scotty won his first X Games as a professional rider with a gold medal in 2006, at the very begining of his career. This helped him gain fans quick so he didn’t have much trouble becoming more popular.

He was extremly popular so he was chosen by many known companies who offered him endorsement deals: Vans, HyperBike and Monster Drink are his biggest sponsors.

Height and Weight

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 69 kgs


Scotty Cranmer Net Worth 2020

Scotty Cranmer won his first gold medal in 2016 and since then has bagged 9 other medals for various riding events in a very short time.

He also is recognized for his knack for daring stunts which he performs at various events and even films.

Net Worth

Scotty Cranmer Net Worth 2020

The estimated net worth of Scotty Cranmer is about $1 million. He has amassed this considerable fortune with his successful riding career where he has won various competitions.

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