Sarath Ton Twitter, Instagram, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth In 2020

Sarath Ton Twitter, Instagram, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth In 2020

Sarath Ton Net worth – For our readers today we have selected one of the popular wrestlers from the word of WWE in America. The name of this wrestler is Sarath Ton who is mostly known by his stage name of Mikaze.

Mikaze is not only known for his wrestling career but also for being the husband of the WWE Ladies wrestling star Sasha Banks. Both of them got married in August of 2016 but they kept their marriage a secret until 2017 thus making them a high profiled couple in the gossip world.

Sarath Ton Twitter, Instagram, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth In 2019

Sarath Ton himself came into the wrestling world after making a debut when he was 20 years old in PWA and then made his first debut in the WWE back in 2012.

His wife Sasha Banks is also renowned to be a great wrestler who has won NXT Women’s Champion award one time and Raw Women’s champion awards four times in her career. She also happens to be the only female wrestler who has received the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Award for Feud of the Year.

Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

Sarath Ton Biography

Date of Birth

June 9th, 1983

Birth Place

Springfield, Massachusetts

Zodiac Sign




Real Name

Sarath Ton

Nick Name




Costume designer



Sarath Ton Physical Stats

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

35 years old Sarath Ton is born American national and holds the American nationality there is very little information related to his early childhood life but one thing is for sure that despite his looks of being an Asian he belongs to the white ethnic group of Americans.

Like many of the wrestlers for WWE, Sarath Ton maintains a good and bulky body physique which he maintains year-round with strict weight training along with eating a healthy diet. He currently weighs about 80 kg while standing tall at a height of about 5 feet 10 inches.

Sarath Ton Personal life

For personal life, we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

For the fans of this professional WWE Wrestler, we have gathered all the necessary information related to his career progression as well as his personal life down below.

  • Sarath Ton developed the passion for wrestling at a very young age and he made his first wrestling debut when he was 20 years old. He received his initial wrestling and muscle training from a wrestling trainer named Kevin Landry. His first debut was back in 2001 when he entered Premier Wrestling Federation Northeast.
  • During his early years, he used the stage name of KID Mikaze and his frits fight was against a wrestler named KL Murphy.
  • After winning that math he started with the PWF Tag Team match where he teamed with a wrestler named Mike Palva. He and Mike won that match and Premier Wrestling Federation Northeast grabbed hold of his first Tag Team Championship title in 2002.
  • He remained with PWF for 10 years and on the Tag Team Championship twice and the PWF Mayhem Junior Heavyweight Championship once. He left back in 2012 after he signed a deal with WWE where he adopted the stage name for himself as Rutherford Hayes.
  • During his wrestling career, he featured in the following small promotions.
  • New England Frontier Wrestling
  • Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment
  • Chaotic Wrestling
  • Top Rope Promotions
  • His debut for the WWE was back in 2012 where he teamed up with other stars like Willard Fillmore and Jason Jordan.
  • When he was at the top of his wrestling career, he suffered a career-ending injury back in 2015. After this injury, he decided to take early retirement from the wrestling world.

Interesting Facts

A few of the facts about the life of Sarath Ton are as follows.

  • Sarath Ton got his early wrestling training from a wrestling trainer by the name of Kevin Landry.

  • After his wrestling career ended in 2015, he started doing costume designing. His work was mostly to design costumes for the WWE. His work mainly is for the female Wrestling stars like Summer Rae and Paige. One other amazing fact about Sarath Ton is that most of the costumes of Sasha Banks are designed by Sarath Ton.

  • He has also made appearances for the Monday Night Raw where he interacts with The New Day Backstage.

  • He also likes to contribute to YouTubers and has mostly appeared on the YouTube channel called “Up Up Down Down” which is owned by Xavier Woods and is a gaming channel.

  • Sarath Ton and his now-wife Sasha Banks have been in a relationship for many years but they kept their relationship a little hush for many years. Even fans were only made aware of their marriage until they announced it back in 2017; one year after they were married.

Sarath Ton Net worth

As of 2018, no official figure has been presented by Sarath Ton or a source close to him about his official net worth. However analysts have speculated that considering his 1 and half-decade long wrestling career, he has definitely made huge sums of money.

According to one estimate, is net worth is possibly in between 2 to 5 million dollars. He is still making a handsome sum of money by being a WWE female costume designer as well as being a wrestling host on RAW and WWE.

Sarath Ton Family Tree

There is very little information available about the early family life of Sarath Ton. Whatever we could find is as follows.

Father Name

Not known.

Mother Name

Not known.


Not known.


He has no children yet.


He and the WWE female wrestling superstar Sasha Banks married each other back in August of 2016 but they kept this marriage a secret until 2017.

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