Ryan Higa Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career

Ryan Higa Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, and Career.

Ryan Higa Net Worth 2020 – Ryan Higa is an American YouTuber, Comedian, and Actor. He is also known as ‘nigahiga’ because of his YouTube username by which ‘Niga’ means “rant” in Japanese whereas ‘Higa’ is after his last name.

He is mainly known for his comedy videos. Besides making comedy videos he has made music videos and Short movies.

Ryan Higa Net Worth


Ryan Higa was born in Hilo, Hawaii on June 6, 1990. His birth name is Ryan Higa. Ryan was raised by his mother and father.

His mother’s name is Luci Higa whereas his father’s name is Wendell Higa.

There is no detailed information on their occupation but his mother is seen in some of his videos. Ryan has an older brother as well and his name is Kyle Higa.

He is of American nationality and his ethnicity is Japanese. Ryan was a sporty kid oh his childhood he used to play Judo till he was Fifth grade and he has the black belt as well.

His childhood was full of competition because of his brother, they studied in the same school and his brother was a good Judo player.


Ryan was a very energetic child, he holds a black belt rank at the age of 5 during his studies till fifth grade.

After fifth grade in middle school, he moved to another school on which he had to do placement tests which resulted in him to skip grade due to the placement test.

After finishing his school Ryan moved to Waiakea High school, in high school he played wrestling. He graduated from High school in 2008 and he won first place on Wrestling and second place on Judo.

He went to Nevada to attend UNLV for a degree in nuclear medicine but that didn’t last long.

Ryan was stressed out because he was never interested in nuclear medicine so he dropped out after 1 semester and gave full focus to his YouTube career.

Ryan Higa Net Worth


Ryan first started to make lip sync videos with his friend Sean Fujiuoshi in mid-2006 while they were attending High school at Waiakea. In 2007 Ryan Higa, Sean Fujiuoshi, Tim Enos.

Ryan Villaruel, Kyle Chun, and Tarynn Nago started making comedy videos and they started YouTube name ‘Yabo Productions’, ‘How to’ series being their first release.

On Christmas Eve of 2008 their most popular videos ‘How to Be Emo’ and ‘How to Be gangster’ were removed due to copyright strike.

On Jan 21, 2009, Nigahiga channel was temporarily suspended and forced to remove some of the copyrighted videos by which he had to remove his lip sync videos.

He had a rough time from 2008 to 2011 because of copyright claims. He made the second channel as well named ‘HigaTV’ on which he uploads his Vlogs and other daily life videos.

Net Worth

Ryan Higa has a net worth of $10 million.

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