Rupi Kaur Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement

Rupi Kaur Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement

Rupi Kaur is a famous Canadian author and poet of Indian origin. She is No.1 bestselling illustrator and author of the New York Times. She became famous for her Instapoetry, a new kind of social-media-focussed, easily accessible, and short poetry that is popular mainly among youths.Rupi Kaur Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement


Rupi was born in Punjab, India. She hails from a Sikh family. At the age of 4, she went to Canada and stayed with her parents. Her mother has always been a source of encouragement to her in pursuing her creative skills. She learned painting and drawing with her support.

Till the age of 17, she has a deep interest in art that, when she grew old, got transformed into performing, and writing. Rupi passed out from Turner Fenton Secondary School. She studied professional level and rhetoric writing at Waterloo University.

Since childhood days, Rupi was motivated by Sikh scriptures. When she moved to Canada, she became proficient in learning English. It then impacted her writing style. Her rich cultural heritage has a great impact on Rupi that is seen in her poetry.

Her signature writing style comprises of capital letters, punctuation marks, and the period. These are the features of a typical Punjabi writing style that she introduced into her English writing to connect to the culture and place of her origin.

A famous female Poet named Nayyirah Waheed accused Rupi Kaur against plagiarism, but Rupi denies these allegations. According to her, she has been a great source of inspiration. Presently, Rupi resides in Toronto, Ontario.


The first performance of Rupi was noted in 2009 in Punjabi Community Health Centre in Malton. Throughout her schooling, she has written and shared her writings. After 2013, she had begun to share her work along with some thematic illustrations in her name on Tumblr.

The first book she wrote was Milk and Honey. It got published on November 4, 2014. Looking at the women surviving through troubled time inspired her and decided the title of her book. In her book, she described women as “smooth like milk and thick like honey.”

The book is a set of real-world observations, hand-drawn illustrations, and prose. It is divided into a set of four chapters, where each chapter showcases a distinct theme.

The sales of the book “milk and honey” exceeded the 2.5 million mark. Due to the grand popularity, it got listed on The Best Seller list of New York Times for more than 77 weeks. Milk and Honey were translated into twenty-five languages.

Following the success of this book, came her next book, “The Sun and Her Flowers.” It got released in 2017. The book was a collection that explored several themes that touched various topics such as trauma, loss, femininity, healing, revolution, and migration.

In 2019, Rupi got a project from “Penguin Classics.” This project involved writing an introduction for their newly released edition of “Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.”

Rupi writes in Punjabi style with simple drawings to honor her culture and elevate the impact of her words. Her style is a reflection of her worldview.  Some of the common themes on which she mostly writes are abuse, love, femininity, heartbreak, and self-care.

Net WorthRupi Kaur Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement

Rupi is an acclaimed Canadian Poet that has published her book and several poetries in her career. Both of these works are her major sources of income. The net worth of Rupi is projected to be $1 Million as of September 2020.

Rupi Kaur is a renowned poet and author who has got widespread media recognition by creating various forms of visual poetry. Her debut book has been appreciated by literature lovers all over the world. She has been on the list of bestseller lists of The New York Times for more than a year.

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