Rupaul Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life and Career

RuPaul Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life and Career.

RuPaul Net Worth 2020 – RuPaul Charles is perhaps the most famous drag queen in the US. Known for his cross-dressing personality, RuPaul has been in the entertainment industry since the 1980s.

He is an actor, producer, model, singer, songwriter, and author. He is most famous for hosting the reality competition show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ which is still going strong and has welcomed various spin-offs, such as ‘RuPaul’s Drag U’ and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars.’


RuPaul Andre Charles was born on November 17, 1960, in San Diego, California. He lived with his mother and three sisters after his parents divorced in 1967.

When he turned 15, RuPaul moved to Atlanta with his sister to learn the performing arts. His struggle to become a musician and an actor began in the 1980s when he started working as a bar dancer at the ‘Celebrity Club.’

He also worked as a backup singer for Glen Meadmore, along with drag queen Vaginal Davis. He formed a band named ‘Wee Wee Pole’ to start his career as a musician.

He helped in the creation of the low-budget film ‘Starrbooty.’

RuPaul married his long-time Australian partner, painter Georges LeBar, in January 2017. They have been together since 1994.

Rupaul Net Worth


During the 1990s, RuPaul started performing solo at various night clubs in New York. He also worked in the science-fiction parody ‘My Pet Homo,’ opposite Nashom Benjamin.

He made an appearance in the documentary ‘Wigstock: The Movie,’ followed by a TV series named ‘Manhattan Cable.’

RuPaul released his debut album, ‘Supermodel of the World,’ in 1993. The first single from the album, ‘Supermodel (You Better Work),’ became an instant hit, bringing RuPaul worldwide recognition.

His next two songs, ‘Back to My Roots’ and ‘A Shade Shady,’ topped the ‘Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play’ chart.

After achieving sky-high popularity, RuPaul was signed by ‘MAC’ cosmetics to model for the brand, making him the first-ever drag queen supermodel.

He made his film debut with Spike Lee’s ‘Crooklyn,’ in 1994. He had earlier appeared in a low-budget film, ‘RuPaul Is Starbooty!,’ also known as ‘Starrbooty.’ He appeared in various TV shows such as ‘Sister Sister’ and ‘In the House.’

In 1995, he appeared in films such as ‘The Brady Bunch Movie,’ ‘Blue in the Face,’ and ‘To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.’

In 1996, he hosted his talk show, ‘The RuPaul Show,’ broadcast on ‘VH1.’ The show saw him interview celebrities such as Diana Ross, Pat Benatar, Pete Burns, and Cyndi Lauper.

Around the same time, he also co-hosted on ‘WKTU’ radio with Michelle Visage. In one episode, RuPaul talked about gays and the ‘LGBT’ community.

He released his next album, ‘Foxy Lady,’ which failed to reach the top spot of noteworthy music charts.

However, his first single from the album, ‘Snapshot,’ climbed to the fourth spot on the ‘Hot Dance Music/Club Play’ chart. He released his third album, ‘Ho Ho Ho,’ in 1997.

He released his next album, ‘Red Hot,’ in 2004. In the beginning, the album did not get much publicity, and RuPaul expressed his disappointment with the entertainment industry, especially with the gay press.

However, the album returned to top the dance charts of the US, with the single ‘Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous’ hitting number 2. In 2006, he released his first remix album, ‘ReWorked.’

This was the actual breakthrough of ‘RuPaul’ in the industry, as he became popular as a staunch supporter of the ‘LGBT’ community.

The show’s popularity led to the making of its spin-offs, namely, ‘RuPaul’s Drag U’ (2010–2012) and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars’ (2012–present). In 2011, he released ‘Glamazon,’ his sixth album.

His next album, ‘Born Naked,’ was released in 2014 and reached the fourth spot on the ‘US Billboard’ dance chart.

His other noteworthy albums were ‘Realness’ (2015), ‘Slay Belles’ (2015), ‘Butch Queen’ (2016), ‘Remember Me: Essential, Vol. 1’ (2017), ‘Remember Me: Essential Vol.2’ (2017), and ‘American’ (2017).

He appeared in several popular TV shows in the 1990s, such as ‘Nash Bridges’ (1996) and ‘Sabrina, The Teenage Witch’ (1998).

He also appeared in ‘Ugly Betty’ (2010), ‘Mystery Girls’ (2014), ‘The Muppets’ (2016), ‘2 Broke Girls’ (2017), ‘Girlboss’ (2017), and ‘Drag Race Thailand’ (2018).

He appeared as a judge on shows such as ‘Project Runway’ (2008)’ and The Face’ (2014). He is also known for hosting the TV game show ‘Gay for Play Game Show Starring RuPaul’ (2016).

Net Worth

RuPaul has a net worth of 16 million dollars. RuPaul has appeared as an actor in films such as ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’(1999), ‘The Truth About Jane’ (2000), ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ (2005), ‘Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild’ (2008), and ‘Hurricane Bianca’ (2016).

In 2008, he started working on his reality TV game series, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ where a panel of experienced judges was to select the next “drag superstar of America.” The show went on air in 2009.

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