Roy Wood Net Worth 2020, Bio, Profile, Career, and Achievement

Roy Wood Net Worth 2020, Bio, Profile, Career, and Achievement

Roy Wood is one of the most recognizable faces in the music industry, his heavily made-up face and wild hair as iconic as the poster boy image of Che Guevara that adorned every 60s school kid’s bedroom wall.

Roy Wood has not only had a distinguished solo career, but he’s the brainchild of three top outfits; The Move, The Electric Light Orchestra, and Wizzard.

Roy Wood Net Worth


Wood was born in Birmingham, England on 8th November 1946, and was destined for a career in music and taught himself to play many musical instruments.

His birth name is often miss times incorrectly listed as Ulysses Adrian Wood due to a flip comment made in an interview. Roy’s family has always encouraged his passion for music. He has a daughter Holly who lives in America.


Gradually Woods started gathering confidence and appreciation for his effort. He began his musical career with two fantastic compositions titled “Drama” and “Get You Good.”

The songs were featured on the Canadian Radio Show. After a short period, the young talent on 31st July 2015 came up with his first Extended Play titled “Exis.”

The compositions were nicely blended with the hip-hop genre and the alternative R&B. The production of the EP was featured with President Jeff, Daniel Worthy, and The 90z.

Though the release did not make a smash his but on the Top R&B Hip-Hop chart of albums successfully reached #27. The six appreciable tracks on this album are “Innocence,” “Get You Good,” “Jealousy,” “Unleashed,” “Go Go Go” and “Drama.”

Next year, in June Woods, released a single titled “Gwan Big Up Yourself.” The single was meant for his next album claimed 127th rank on the Billboard Top 200.

This gave Woods enough confidence before the release of his next musical endeavor. He released his sophomore album titled “Waking at Dawn” which was a perfect equivalence of his debut release.

Some of the important figures like Murda Beats, L.A. Chase, Omari Jabari, FrancisGotHeat and some more contributed to the production of this album.

Among the 10 tracks of the album, some were highly appreciated by the audience. This includes “She Knows about Me,” “Down Girls,” “Menance,” “Why” “Got Me” and “Sonic Boom.” On the Top R&B Albums, the single reached #11 and went up to the 30th position in his native country.

He has been serving his audience with his efficient skill in writing and compositions. He released another album titled “Nocturnal.”

The big release was featured by the eminent guests like Majid Jordan, MadeinTYO and some more.

The EP contained 7 tracks which are “Love You,” “Dangerous,” “Chilli Peppers,” “Magic,” “Four Seasons” and “Involved.” The endeavor brought some positive attention of his followers but never got into any prestigious charts.

Along with his busy schedules for the creation of music the artist has also got appreciations for his performance in various concerts.

In 2016 on his Unlocked Tour Woods traveled through 26 cities which included Berlin in Germany to Illinois and Chicago in the United States.

He had also participated in the Drake & Future’s Summer Sixteen Tour in the same year. Quite evidently the effort yielded a reasonable amount of monitory gain. These tours would also enhance his popularity to a wider range of audiences.

Roy Wood Net Worth

Net Worth

Roy Wood has an estimated net worth of $3.7 Million. Roy Wood’s net worth includes endorsement and ads. The estimated net worth includes stocks, properties, and luxury goods.

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