Ross Capicchioni Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education

Ross Capicchioni Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education

Ross Capicchioni Net Worth 2020 – Ross American activist who became a household name after being the victim of violent crime in Detroit, Michigan. His story was featured in a two-part mini-documentary produced by Steve Berra and Eric Koston titled Aberrican Me: Ross Capicchioni.

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Ross Capicchioni is best known as a celebrity who was born in Detroit on Wednesday` March 21` 1990. Ross is currently 27 years old. Capicchioni’s birth sign is Aries.

At the age of 17, he was led to a bad area in Detroit’s notorious east side. He was escorting an individual that he considered to be a friend who ended up shooting him 3 times at point-blank range in an apparent gang initiation crime.

He has often referred to skateboarding as one of the major factors that helped him on the road to recovery during his stint in physical therapy.

Both he and John O’Leary took life-threatening situations and turned them into learning experiences for the masses.


He went to Detroit High School.

How he was shot

On the fateful day of the incident, Ross was at home when a friend approached him asking for a ride to a cousin’s house on the east side of the city. Ross refused but after several pleadings and persuasions, he agreed to give the said ride, little did he know he was giving a potential murderer a ride.

Ross later revealed in an interview that he initially refused his friend’s request because the crime rate in Detroit at the time was more than three and a half times higher than the national average. He also explained that if anything happened to you, the police, won’t stop and if there were gunshots, they’ll wait until everything was clear before picking your body up off the street.

Capicchioni drove as his friend gave him a guide through the rugged streets of the east side of Detroit, as they approached their destination, the friend asked him to pull over at the back of a house, which he did. They stepped out of the car and while he was still taking in his surroundings, he heard the first gunshot which landed on his left arm.

In shock, Ross looked up to see his friend standing about 10 feet away with a shotgun aimed at him. Nursing his already bleeding arm, he turned and asked his supposed friend, “did you shoot me”? The question had barely left his mouth when the second shot came, this time it landed on his chest creating a big gaping hole in Ross’ chest.

Recalling what happened, Ross said as he was still trying to understand what was happening when his friend fired the third shot which caught him in the head and he fell. He recalled looking up at his friend, who stared back at him before hitting him in the mouth with the butt of his weapon, took his car keys and zoomed off in Ross’ car.

Despite his wounds, Ross said he was still conscious enough to watch as his friend drove off in his Jeep leaving him there to die.

Recalling the miracle of how he survived, Ross Capicchioni said lying down there in the pool of his own blood, he had to make a choice either to remain there and die or just try and get up. Having thought it through, he decided to try and get up.

The decision didn’t seem to be the best at the time as he tried over and over again to get up, to no avail. Almost giving up he decided to give it one more try and that was it, he was up and staggering in the direction he could see at the point.

He soon fell again but had been seen by a probation officer in the neighborhood who immediately called for help and stayed with Ross, encouraging him to keep his eyes open until the ambulance came and took him to the hospital

He said before he finally passed out, he remembered the encouraging words of the paramedic. On arrival at the hospital, he was pronounced dead but the doctors on duty did everything possible to bring him back to life and he was immediately rushed to the theatre for heart surgery. Ross regained consciousness three days later after his breathing tube was removed.

The hospital staff began questioning him and that was how his family – who for three days had no idea what had happened to him or where he was,  was contacted.

Five days later, Ross was on his way home. The next morning, the FBI showed up at their home asking Ross to help identify the kid they had in custody to know if he was the same one that shot him. He was shown pictures from which he identified his attacker. The kid was charged to court and was sentenced to prison.

But why did he shoot Ross? According to Ross, his friend had been seeking entrance into a gang and to be initiated, he had to prove he was ready by killing someone and unfortunately he chose Ross.

Thankfully his mapped out a plan to murder poor Ross Capicchioni in cold blood on that fateful day of June 6th, 2007, did not happen.

Net Worth

His net worth is still under wraps.

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