Robin Quivers Net Worth 2020, Early Life, Career and Achievement

Robin Quivers Net Worth 2020, Early Life, Career and Achievement

Robin Quivers Net Worth – Robin Ophelia Quivers is an American author, actress and radio personality from Pikesville.

Quivers is mostly known for her broadcasting work with radio host Howard Stern. She pursued her radio career after that and also released two autobiographies.

Robin Quivers’ net worth is approximately $45 million dollars, and she is known for being one of the most successful female radio hostesses of all time.

Robin Quivers Net Worth


Robin Quivers was born in Pikesville, Maryland on the 8th of August, 1952. Quivers is mostly known for two autobiographies and her work as a radio host.

She was born to Lula Louise and Charles Quivers, a housekeeper and a steelworker.

Quivers has three brothers; Howard, Harry and Charles Jr.

Both her parents were educated only to seventh grade, and in 1995 Quivers released her first autobiography ‘Quivers: What a Life’ where she stated that she was a victim of sexual abuse throughout her childhood.

Carer and Achievement

Robin Quivers Net Worth

After Quivers left military service she began to pursue her broadcasting career. She started to work at a local radio station in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

She later moved in several similar positions at local stations elsewhere in the Atlantic region.

Howard Stern hired Quivers to be a newscaster on his show ‘The Howard Stern Show’.

In 2007 she embraced a new diet that helped her lose 70 pounds.

Quivers later released a book about her physical transformation ‘The Vegucation of Robin’: How Real Food Saved My Life, in 2013.

The same year she found out that she had a tumor that had to be removed. Since then she has continued to appear on The Howard Stern Show.

The following year Quivers revealed on the show that she was cancer-free and had been cured by her doctors for three months.

Quivers’ battle with her cancer lasted 15 months and inspired many.

After her recovery, she expected to travel on a book tour to generate publicity for her new book ‘The Vegucation of Robin’ in 2013.

Since then, Quivers has become known for being one of the best radio personalities alongside Howard Stern who also helped her through her career.

Robin Quivers’ net worth is estimated to be $45 million dollars.

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