Robin McGraw Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Robin McGraw Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Robin McGraw Net Worth 2020 – Robin McGraw is a popular author from the United States who is the wife of psychologist and television personality, Phil Calvin McGraw. She is a well-known actress who has appeared in many television shows.

Robin McGraw Net Worth

She is a best-selling author, and her first book called ‘Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live With Passion and Purpose’ was released in 2006. Robin is a philanthropist and is a member of Dr. Phil Foundation.


Robin McGraw was born as Robin Jameson to Georgia Jameson and Jim Jameson. She was born in Los Angeles, California on 28 December 1953. She spent her childhood in Oklahoma.

She went to Duncan High School and has also been to Emerson Elementary School. Her siblings are Cindi, Karin, Roger, and Jamie.

In August 1976, Robin McGraw got married to author, television personality, and psychologist Phil McGraw. Her husband is popular by the name of “Dr. Phil”.

The couple is the parents of Jordan and Jay McGraw. Her son Jay has been married to actress Erica Dahm, and she has got two grandchildren named Avery Elizabeth and London Phillip.

McGraw is a board member of her husband’s foundation called ‘Dr. Phil Foundation’. The foundation supports various programs with regards to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of families and children. She has addressed as a speaker in many events of ‘Women of Faith’.

In 1981, Robin McGraw appeared in the entertainment news magazine called ‘Entertainment Tonight’. In 2004, she was seen in the television show ‘The Insider’. She has also made her presence in ‘JCPenney Jam: The Concert for America’s Kids’ in 2006.

She has appeared in many episodes of ‘The Dr. Phil Show’. In her husband’s show, Robin discusses the issues faced by women. Her popular shows are ‘Ask Dr. Phil and Robin’, ‘Valentine’s Day Giveaway’, and ‘Aging Gracefully’.

In 2006, she was the host of ‘White House Christmas’ on HGTV. She has also appeared in many other shows like ‘The Early Show’, ‘The Hour of Power with Dr. Robert S. Schuller’, Late Show with David Letterman’, ‘The View’, and ‘Larry King Live’.

Robin McGraw has also appeared in an episode of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ in 2009. That same year, she appeared in ‘The Doctors’. She has regularly appeared in Academy of Country Music Awards.

Additionally, she has appeared on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and ‘Rachael Ray’. She is active in several organizations and is the founder of ‘When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation’.

As an author, Robin’s first book was released in 2006. The following year, she released the book ‘From My Heart to Yours: Life Lessons on Faith, Family & Friendship’. She is also the author of the book ‘Christmas in My Heart and Home’.

Height and Weight

Height: 4 ft 0 in / 152 cm, Weight: 99 lb / 45 kg.

Robin McGraw Net WorthAwards Nd Achievements

The best career achievement of Robin McGraw is to be a successful author and television personality. Two of her books has appeared in the list of ‘New York Times best-selling books’.

Net Worth

As it is recently updated 2020, Тhе еѕtіmаtеd nеt wоrth оf Rоbіn МсGrаw іѕ mоrе thаn $50 mіllіоn. Ѕhе іѕ а trеndу fасе іn thе tеlеvіѕіоn іnduѕtrу аnd hаѕ арреаrеd іn ѕеvеrаl ТV ѕhоwѕ.

Ѕhе іѕ аlѕо асtіvе іn рhіlаnthrору аnd ѕіtѕ оn thе bоаrd оf mаnу сhаrіtаblе оrgаnіzаtіоnѕ. Араrt frоm арреаrіng оn tеlеvіѕіоn, hеr nеt wоrth соmеѕ frоm hеr саrееr аѕ аn аuthоr. Тwо оf hеr bооkѕ hаvе fеаturеd thе bеѕt-ѕеllіng bооk іn thе Nеw Yоrk Тіmеѕ.


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