Robbie Lyle Net Worth 2021, Bio, Profile, Career, and Social Media

Robbie Lyle Net Worth 2021, Bio, Profile, Career, and Social Media.

Robbie Lyle is widely recognized for being the mastermind behind the creation of the YouTube channel ArsenalFanTV where he serves as a main interviewer and host of the channel.

Before creating the YouTube channel, Lyle was popular for being the BBC reggae radio host.

Biography and Profile

Robbie landed on the planet in 1972 and his place of birth is in the United Kingdom.

He has maintained a low personal profile which denied the researcher to extract information about his early life, parents, siblings as well as his education and academic performance.

The Career of Robbie Lyle

Robbie Lyle used to work as the BBC reggae radio host and was experiencing a successful journey in the media industry.

He was a creative minded person and has always carried a desire for initiating his own venture.

With the rise and popularity of social networking media, many people were able to start their professional life within the internet world.

Lyle is one of them who made a big success by creating a YouTube channel named AFTV (formerly known as ArsenalFanTV). The date of the creation of the channel is on October 22, 2012.

Lyle quit his job in order to work full0-time on ArsenalFanTV. The channel was created by Lyle alongside his cameraman ‘Tao’ who also resigned from his job in order to start a full-time career in YouTube.

The channel is mainly focused on fan interviews as well as the previews and reviews of various Arsenal players including Ian Wright, Olivier Giroud and Thierry Henry.

The YouTube channel was forced to change its name from ArsenalFanTVto AFTV following discussions with Arsenal.

The discussion realized that the channel has breached breaching Arsenal’s copyright by using the term “Arsenal” without authorization.

As per the description of YouTube channel AFTV, it was set for Arsenal Fans by Arsenal Fans and is not part of the official Arsenal Football Club.

This has worked as a platform for independent opinions on the greatest football club.

Social Media

Connect with him via Instagram @crucialrobbie

Connect with him via Twitter @ItsDonRobbie

Robbie Lyle Net Worth

Robbie Lyle Net Worth

Robbie Lyle has an estimated net worth of 2 million USD which isn’t verified yet. He has been successful in his YouTube career and has grabbed huge popularity.

The decision of choosing a YouTube career by quitting his previous job has proven to be fruitful for him.