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Ricky Gervais Net Worth 2020, Bio, Awards, and Instagram

Ricky Gervais Net Worth 2020, Bio, Awards, and Instagram.

Ricky Gervais Net Worth 2020 – Ricky Dene Gervais is an English comedian, actor, director, producer, and singer. A philosophy graduate from University College London.Ricky Gervais Net Worth 2020, Bio, Awards, and Instagram


Ricky Dene Gervais was born on 25 June 1961 in Reading, England. His father, Lawrence Raymond Gervais, was a Franco-Ontarian who came to England on foreign duty during the Second World War.

Later, he earned his living as a laborer and hod-carrier. His mother, Eva Sophia née House, was a homemaker of English descent.

Ricky was born the youngest of his parents’ four children, having two elder brothers named Larry and Robert and an elder sister named Marsha.

Ricky was raised on a council estate in Whitney, the southern suburb of Reading. Although his family was not rich, they were happy.

His mother, known for her wit, helped to make humor an integral part of their family life and they made constant fun of each other.

As a child, he was very introspective. When he was eight years old, one of his brothers asked him why he believed in God.

This along with with his mother’s reaction made him question his belief and within an hour he became an atheist, a conviction he holds till now.

Since 1984, Ricky Gervais has been living with Jane Fallon, a well-known producer and author, whom he had met in 1982 while studying at University College London.

The couple lives between Hampstead and New York City.


He began his education at Whitney Infant School and then moved to Whitney Junior School.

During this period, he showed a keen interest in science, receiving a microscope at the age of ten or eleven. By thirteen, his interest had become more intense.

For his secondary education, he enrolled at Ashmead Comprehensive School, graduating from there in 1979. Thereafter for a short while, he worked as a gardener at Reading University.

In 1980, he joined University College London to study biology.

But very soon, he realized that if he studied biology he would have to attend classes for forty hours a week; however, if he took up philosophy, he would have to toil much less. Within two weeks, he shifted to philosophy.

In 1983, Ricky Gervais graduated from University College London, earning an upper second-class honors degree in philosophy and then entered the University of London.

However, he never graduated from there. Instead, he started working as an assistant events manager at the University of London Union (ULU).

Ricky Gervais Net Worth


In June 1982, while studying at UCL, Gervais formed a musical group called Seona Dancing with his friend Bill Macrae.

They co-wrote a number of songs, which were sung by Gervais while Macrae played the keyboard.

Eventually, they made a sixteen-song demo tape and were signed by London Records.

In 1983, London Records released two of their songs, ‘More to Lose’ and ‘Bitter Heart’. Unfortunately, in spite of being promoted, they were commercial failures and so the band split up in 1984.

Gervais remained with the University of London Union (ULU) until 1996.

Thereafter in 1997, he joined a new radio station called Xfm as head of speech, where he hosted his own nightly programs.

Concurrently, he also began to contribute regularly to Mary Ann Hobbs’ Radio 1 show.

At the end of 1997, Gervais felt the need for an assistant. By a twist of fate, the first CV that was handed over to him was that of Stephen Merchant and he called him for an interview, eventually hiring him as his assistant.

From January 1998 to August 1998, Gervais and Merchant hosted a Saturday afternoon radio show.

For it, they created features like ‘Hip Hop Hooray’, ‘Make Ricky Gervais Laugh’ and ‘Song for the Ladies’. However, broadcast from 4 to 6 pm, it failed to attract a very large audience.

In August 1998, Xfm was taken over by the Capital Radio Group, making Gervais’ position redundant.

Eventually, both the men left Xfm and Merchant began a production course at the BBC. As part of his coursework, he made a short film called ‘Seedy Boss’, enlisting Gervais to perform in it.

In 2000, he contributed comedy sketches to ‘Bruiser’, a TV comedy sketch show aired on BBC Two. Later in the same year, he began to appear regularly on Channel 4’s highly popular ‘The 11 O’Clock Show’.

Buoyed by his popularity in ‘The 11 O’Clock Show’, Gervais began to host his own talk show, ‘Meet Ricky Gervais’ on Channel 4.

Aired on Friday nights, each episode had two celebrity guests. However, the program did not last long, running from 22 September to 27 October 2000.

In late 2000, concurrently with hosting ‘Meet Ricky Gervais’, Gervais began working with Stephan Merchant on a mockumentary called ‘The Office’.

The work, a fictional event presented as a documentary, was initially inspired by Merchant’s 1998 coursework, ‘Seedy Boss’.

In 2012, he wrote, directed and starred in a comedy-drama television series called ‘Derek’.

While the pilot was aired on Channel 4 on 12 April 2012, the actual show began airing on 30 January 2013. It ran for fourteen episodes in two series, ending on 28 May 2014.

In 2013, he appeared as Mr. James Bing, a sarcastic computer, in an animated science fiction-comedy film called ‘Escape from Planet Earth’.

In 2014, he appeared as the villain, Dominic Badguy/The Lemur in ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ and again as Dr. McPhee in ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’.

In 2014, Gervais started writing the script of ‘Special Correspondents’, which he later directed and starred in. The filming began in May 2015.

The film, which was a remake of the 2009 French comedy ‘Envoyés très spéciaux,’ was released in April 2016. It garnered mostly negative reviews.

Height and Weight

Weight in Pounds: 181 lbs
Weight in Kilogram: 82 kg
Height in Feet: 5′ 8″
Height in Meters: 1.73 m
Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Social Media

Follow him on Instagram@rickygervais

Net Worth

As of November 2020, The estimated net worth of Ricky Gervais is more than $120 million. His main source of wealth is from his acting career.

He has hosted many shows and has also produced and directed several shows and films. He is also active in animation and has released several books.

Ricky Gervais has served as the writer, producer, and director of the movies ‘The Invention of Lying’, ‘Cemetery Junction’, and ‘Special Correspondents’. He has also created, written, directed and produced many TV shows.