Rick Nielsen Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Rick Nielsen Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Rick Nielsen Net Worth 2020 – Rick Nielsen is a popular guitarist from America who serves as the lead guitarist of the band Cheap Trick. He has been a part of the band since it was formed.

Rick Nielsen Net Worth 2019

Apart from being a lead guitarist, he is also the primary songwriter and backing vocalist of the band. Nielsen has released several albums and singles with Cheap Trick and has also done many concert tours.


Richard Alan Nielsen is the son of Ralph Nielsen and Marilyn Nielsen. He was born in Illinois’s Elmhurst on 22 December 1948. He was raised in a musical family.

He went to Guilford High School and was in the band The Phaetons.

Rick Nielsen has been successfully married to Karen Nielsen. They are the parents of Daxx Nielsen, Erron Nielsen, Miles Nielsen, and Scarlett Nielsen.

He has got more than two thousand custom-made guitars. He also has almost 250 musical instruments. His guitars include Fender Custom, Hamer Guitars, Gibson Les Pauls, Guild Merle Travis, and Gibson Explorers.

In 2002, Nielsen displayed his guitars at the Rockford Art Museum’s “Customised Culture – Cars, Guitars, and Lowbrow Art”.

He has also worked with several other artists like The Yardbirds, Foo Fighters, Alice Cooper, John Lennon, Glen Campbell, Gene Simmons, Hall & Oates, and Buck Satan.

Rick Nielsen’s school band, The Phaetons was later merged with The Grim Reapers. It was known as Fuse and went on to release one album. Following that, he joined the group Nazz but remained there for a very short period.

In 1974, he became a member of the band Cheap Trick. Their eponymous debut album was released in 1977 on Epic Records. That same year, they released the album ‘In Color’. This became a platinum album.

The band then released ‘Heaven Tonight’ in 1978. The following year, they came up with the album ‘Dream Police’. Their album, ‘All Shook Up’ became available from October 1980. In 1982, the band released ‘One on One’.

Cheap Thrills then released ‘Next Position Please’ in 1983. This was followed by ‘Standing on the Edge’ and ‘The Doctor’. In 1988, they released ‘Lap of Luxury’. In 1990, the band came up with ‘Busted’.

In the 1990s, the band released ‘Woke Up with a Monster’ and ‘Cheap Trick’. In the 2000s, they released ‘Special One’, ‘Rockford’, and ‘The Latest’. All the albums were released on Cheap Trick Unlimited.

Their other albums are ‘Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello’, ‘We’re All Alright!’, and ‘Christmas Christmas’. They have also released six live albums, 2 EPs, 17 compilation albums, 20 soundtrack albums, and 64 singles.

Height and Weight

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Rick Nielsen Net Worth 2019

The biggest career feat of Rick Nielsen is to be a successful guitarist. He has fully devoted his life to music. In 2007, with Cheap Trick, he won the Recording Academy’s ‘Recording Academy Honor’. In 2016, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Kid Rock.


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Net Worth

Rick Nielsen Net Worth 2019

The estimated net worth of Rick Nielsen is more than $25 million. His wealth comes from the sale of Cheap Trick’s albums.

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