Redd Pepper Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement.

Redd Pepper Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement.

Redd Pepper (born – Richardson Green) is a video game voice actor and movie trailer voice-over artist best known for his work on the theatrical trailers for Boogie Nights, Men in Black, and The Blair Witch Project.

Redd Pepper Net Worth


Richard Green or Redd Pepper, as he is commonly known, was born on June 23rd, 1961, In Barbados. He comes from a big family of 10 children, six of them being girls.

As a teenage boy, he moved to London with his siblings, where they grew up. Redd enrolled in Sedghill Secondary School for his Secondary school education.

Most of Redd’s childhood is not known to the public as he is known to be a private person who doesn’t disclose much about his family. After school, Redd got his first job in the UK at a McDonald’s restaurant.


After school, he worked at a McDonald’s restaurant before working as a firefighter.

His tenure as a firefighter lasted for only six months as he landed a better job as a train driver with the London Underground.

While in his daily routine, Redd admits to getting bore and used to turn off the engine, the rights and start talking to passengers on the train’s loudspeaker system.

This sometimes got him into trouble as some passengers who were not amused with his actions reported him.

His Voice over career started when one of is passengers like his voice and gave him is the card. He came to realize later the guy was a television executive who ended giving him his first voiceover job.

He would later get contracted by several TV channels to do adverts before moving to movie trailers.

His work with Independence Day and Armageddon put his at the top of the most sort after voiceovers monopolizing the UK market.

Redd Pepper Net Worth

Net Worth

Pepper earned most of his wealth from working as a voice actor in more than 100 movies.

He is renowned for his work in the Armageddon, Boogie Nights, Independence Day, Men In Black, The Blair Witch Project, and Amistad.

In addition, he has his own app and works as a stage actor. Therefore, Redd Pepper has an estimated net worth of $0.55 million.

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