Randall Pich Net Worth 2021, Bio, Early Life, Career, and Achievement

Randall Pich is an American entrepreneur, fitness trainer, YouTuber, and Instagram celebrity who is best known for creating his successful fitness and apparel line LVFT. Randall Pich Net Worth 2021 is quite interesting and we’re going to make sure we drop lots of details about it.

Randall Pich Net Worth

Randall Pich Biography

Randall Pich was born on February 7th, 1988 in Long Beach in the United States and his birth sign is Aquarius.

He has both Asian and American roots since his parents are Cambodians and then they came to America as refugees.

His childhood was tough since his parents were immigrants and had jobs with lower incomes at the beginning when they first came to the country.

They tried to raise their children as best they could considering the situation and to afford them the things other kids had.

Randall Pich Net Worth

Randall Pich’s Career

When he was young, he used to love surfing and skateboarding. He always loved being outdoors because he was interested in sports.

He got involved in graphic design and photography. Later on, he started bodybuilding and entered college to study personal training logistics.

He used to do a lot of work as a personal trainer, and that’s when he decided to start a company named Live Fit. Through this company, he would design clothes just for his clients.

He has been working as a personal trainer for a long time and also started designing T-shirts. With the help of the internet, he made his brand more reliable than ever.

On his YouTube channel, he used to upload videos about bodybuilding and training routine. He began his business in a small warehouse, along with his friend.

He took care of all the stuff, including designing, packing, and paperwork. Later on, he hired a woman who started working on the logistics part.

During his college time, he had three jobs, and still, he managed to complete his studies.

Randall Pich Net Worth

Randall Pich Net Worth and Achievement

The net worth of Randall Pich is around $4 million, which he has earned by working as an entrepreneur, personal trainer, social media star, and bodybuilder. He also owns a Lamborghini and luxurious home.

How did Pich earn his millions?

Former fitness trainer Randall Pich is now known as a founder and Chief Executive Officer of fitness and apparel line titled LVFT (Live Fit). Since its creation in 2010, he has racked up sizable net worth.

Then he started working as a personal trainer on his own, working with his previous clients from Bally. He had enough time to come up with his business, the Live Fit, Apparel.

In the beginning, it was designed mostly for his fitness clients. After a short time, however, he had to expand and rent a warehouse. Now his company has ten employees and ships orders all over the world.

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