Piff The Magic Dragon Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement.

Piff The Magic Dragon Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement.

Piff The Magic Dragon (real name – John van der Put) is a British comedian and magician whose routine as Piff consists of deadpan humor.

John usually performs the act with a chihuahua named Mr. Piffles, that he dresses in a dragon costume.

Piff The Magic Dragon Net Worth


Born on June 9, 1980, in London, England having a sibling, namely, Stevenson Van Der. Van Der Put grew up in South East London and, as a teenager, was greatly influenced by the magic tricks.

He was inspired by Jerry Sadowitz on BBC2 in a show. He grew up as an evangelical Christian and performed Gospel magic when a child.

At 18, he became a member of the magic circle became the youngest member to lecture.

His parents wanted him to have a backup plan before pursuing magic as a profession because of which he completed his degree in computer and began a career at IT.

After two years, he thought that he need to do magic to satisfy his quest. He founded a theatrical company and started doing stage shows. He grew up as an evangelical Christian.

Piff The Magic Dragon Net Worth


Van der Put grew up being a fan of Jerry Sadowitz on the BBC2 show Stuff the White Rabbit and this show inspired him into being a magician and comedian.

In 1998, he became a member of The Magic Circle. His stage persona Piff the Magic Dragon was created in 2008, when he began to dress in a green, red and yellow dragon costume.

The dragon character was born out of Happenstance. The character has appeared in shows at the Edinburg Fringe and it also appeared at the 2009 Free Fringe Festival where he performed a solo show.

Piff the Magic Dragon’s show at the 2009 Buxton Fringe was awarded the best comedy show of the year and he also toured countries like UK, Australia and Canada.

Van der Put also performed at the Soho Theatre and Sydney Opera House. In 2011, he appeared on the series Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

In 2014, Van der Put moved to Las Vegas to join The Cosmopolitan’s Rose. Rabbit. Lie Club.

In May of 2015, Piff starred on the 10th season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

In 2016, he returned as a guest performer on AGT’s 2016 America’s Got Talent Holiday Spectacular and he also appeared in the season 12 held in 2017.

Piff The Magic Dragon Net Worth

Net Worth and Achievement 2020

John Van Der Put has garnered a net worth of $3 million. The majority of his earnings come from being a magician and a comedian.

He has performed solo shows at the free fringe and also in the Sydney opera house.

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