Patti Flynn Family Members and Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Patti Flynn Family Members and Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement.

Patti Flynn Family Members and Net Worth – Patricia A. Stefani-Flynn is close with her second child – a daughter Stefani, whom she occasionally accompanies at red-carpet events.

Patti, who left the work of an accountant in order to become a full-time mother, is a big lover of country music.

She introduced Gwen and her siblings to great performers of this genre, like Bob Dylan and others. That encouraged Stefani’s interest in this art.

Patti is a daughter of Texas-born William Flynn and his wife Anna Lorraine Hamilton from Wisconsin. She married Dennis Stefani in her young years and raised a great family with him.

Patti Flynn Family Members and Net Worth

Family Members:

Patti Flynn Family Members and Net WorthDennis Stefani (Husband)


Gwen is usually called in the press as “Pop Cinderella” because she comes from the family, which had nothing in common with show business.

But Dennis Stefani, her parent, was well-paid. He served as marketing exec at Yamaha, and his salary was big enough for his wife and their four kids, including Stefani.

Dennis J. Stefani entered this world in the United States. His parents Vincenzo Stefani and Margaret Delores Dipaola created a warm environment in their family.

His father came to the USA from Italy. He settled in Detroit, MI and met his wife Margaret there. They wedded in 1937 and soon they welcomed a son Dennis.

The boy gradually grew up. He was educated at California State University. The man specialized in business and Economics.

In his young years, he met Patti Flynn and married her. Their union has already been lasting for more than 50 years and produced several talented kids, including the pop phenomenon Gwen Stefani.

Eric Matthew Stefani (Son)

Patti Flynn Family Members and Net Worth

Eric Matthew Stefani is Gwen’s older sibling, who helped her at the initial stages of her career. He is widely known as the founder of the “No Doubt” – a cult punk band of the 1990s.

He is the first child of Patti and Dennis Flynn. His parents put lots of effort to develop their son’s talents. He attended prestigious Loara High.

He continued studying at California Institute of the Arts. He graduated from there with a degree in animation.

Since the earliest years, Eric has been very creative. He arranged homemade concerts with his sister. When they got older, he founded the band “No Doubt”, and convinced Stefani to sing with them.

After disbanding of the punk group, he became a full-time animator. The man worked for a number of animation series, including “The Simpsons”.

Todd Stefani (Son)

Patti Flynn Family Members and Net Worth


Gwen Stefani (Daughter)

Patti Flynn Family Members and Net Worth

Her career way covers several decades, and it is marked with three Grammy awards.

The singer, actress, designer and owner of her own show in Las Vegas, Gwen Stefani is really focused on her family life right now. In fact, her hearth and home have always been important to her.

Gwen entered this world in a small town in Fullerton, which is situated in the northern part of California. She is the second child of four in the family of Yamaha exec Dennis Stefani and his wife Patti, a homemaker.

She fell in love with music in her early years, mostly due to her older brother Eric.

He played the piano, and very often they arranged home music shows for their family when Eric played and she was singing.

Her other passion was sewing. Her mother taught her to sew, and very often she remade her clothes, thus creating her unique style. Later that passion inspired her to design her own line of apparel.

Gwen started her career in 1986, again with the support of her brother. He founded the band “No Doubt”, where his little sister became a vocalist.

The band rose to fame after the presentation of their third set of music “Tragic Kingdom”. She started a solo career in the early 2000s and has already released 4 solo albums.

The most successful of them is the first one, titled “Love. Angel. Music. Baby”. She sold more than 7 million copies of it all over the world.

Jill Stefani (Daughter)

Patti Flynn Family Members and Net Worth

The other girl in the Stefani family is Jill Kristen Stefani. She prefers to stay in the shadow. The woman resides in Los Angeles, CA.  She is single for now.

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