Pat Smear Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Pat Smear Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Pat Smear Net Worth 2020 – Pat Smear is a legendary icon in the field of musical entertainment. He is the founding member of the punk rock bank Germs and was a traveling guitarist for rock bands such as Nirvana and The Foo Fighters. With his immense talent, he has secured the place as one to the top and respected musicians of the past 20 years.

Pat Smear Net Worth 2020


Pat Smear was born as George Albert Ruthenberg in West Los Angeles on August 5, 1949. His father was a German who emigrated to America. His mother was an African-American. His parents wanted him to learn Piano but he was interested in Guitar, so he learned Guitar himself.

Unlike other kids, Pat didn’t have a very smooth childhood. As a child, he was extremely inclined towards spirituality and religion. He even left his house at the age of 13 in order to join the Jesus commune.

However, that was just for the time being. Speaking of his early education, He attended ‘Innovative Program School’ which is at University High School in Los Angeles. This is where he his met future bandmate Darby Crash.

They both had the same dream and they worked together to achieve it. Ironically, they both were kicked out of IPS because of their unruly behavior.

There is not any information about his love life. Pat Smear is an extremely private person. Maybe, that’s why his personal life never came on headlines. He is married, single, or in a relationship, there is not any information about it.

Pat had learned guitar when he was a child and this helped him immensely in shaping his career. Though he was kicked out of school, he found the most important thing of his life in that same school only and that is his schoolmate Darby Crash.

Just after their expulsion from the school, the duo founded the band ‘Germs’ when they were just the teenagers. They teamed up with bassist Lorna Doom and drummer Dottie Danger.

At that time, only Pat had some professional knowledge of music and all other members were just the armatures. The group impressed the people with their initial performances itself but before, it could gain more popularity, it got disbanded just within one year.

The same year Crash committed the suicide and Pat lost an important jewel of his life. However, band ‘Germs’ gave him enough popularity to be successful as a solo artist.

For next one and half decade, he worked solo and released two albums namely ‘Ruthensmear’ and ‘So You Fell in Love with a Musician’. During this span, he briefly worked with two other bands. In 1994, he came together with band the ‘Foo Fighters’.

However he left it in 1997 due to the relentless touring schedule of the band. Following that, the next one decade was struggling for him. Finally, in 2005, he again reunited with the Foo Fighters and is presently working with this band only.

Height and Weight

Statistics put Pat Smear height as 1.84 m. and weight 84 kg.



Pat Smear is a Grammy Award holder. He won this award for ‘best rock song category and the song was ‘Cut me some slack’. He also won Grammy nominations many times.

Net Worth

He has been with this band for more than 10 years, so today he holds a remarkable net worth. As of now, the great musician has a net worth of $12.5 million. He has made his net worth entirely through his music career.

Social Media

Connect with Pat Smear on Instagram @Pat Smear

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