Pat Robertson Net Worth 2020,  Biography, Career and Marital Life

Pat Robertson Net Worth 2020,  Biography, Career, and Marital Life

Pat Robertson Net Worth 2020 – The world-famous host of the Christian News program, ‘The 700 Club’, Pat Robertson is an American media mogul who has also founded several major organizations.Pat Robertson Net Worth 2020,  Biography, Career and Marital Life


He is a Southern Baptist with conservative Christian ideals but what differentiates him from other Southern Baptists is his charismatic theology which is not common among the Southern Baptists.

Born into a family of politicians he too aimed at making it big in politics.

Biography of Pat Robertson

  • He was born on March 22, 1930, into a political family in Virginia to Absalom Willis Robertson and Gladys Churchill. His father was a conservative Democratic United States Senator.
  • At birth, he was named Marion Gordon Robertson. When he was a small child, his elder brother would pat him on the cheek and say “pat pat pat”. Thus he acquired his nickname, Pat.
  • He enrolled at the preparatory McDonogh School when he was 11. He later graduated from The McCallie School, Tennessee, in 1946. Eventually, he earned a B.A. in History from Washington and Lee University.


  • In 1948 he drafted into the Army and was promoted to the first lieutenant in 1952. After this, he decided to get a law degree and enrolled at Yale Law School in 1955. But he couldn’t pass the New York bar exam.
  • He was also interested in politics and served on the Task Force on Victims of Crime during President Ronald Reagan’s administration in 1982. He campaigned to become Republican Party’s nominee in the 1988 presidential election but was unsuccessful
  • In 1990 he founded the ABC Family Worldwide Inc. which is a distributor of family entertainment and information programming. The company was later taken over by The Walt Disney Company.
  • In 1997, the highly successful Family Channel was sold to the News Corporation and was renamed as Fox Family. As of today, the channel is owned by Disney and run as ‘ABC Family’.
  • Robertson is a successful businessman with media holdings in several parts of the world like Asia, the United Kingdom, and Africa. He signed a deal with the General Nutrition Center to sell a weight-loss shake he had created. He promoted his products on ‘The 700 Club”.
  • As a Christian minister, he often claimed that God informed him of forthcoming events meant to happen in the future. He made predictions of doomsday, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, economic crises, etc. But none of his predictions came true.
  • He was also famous for making controversial comments on topics like homosexuality and abortion. His comments on Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 Attacks, Haiti Earthquake, etc. earned him the wrath of the people.

Marital Life

He married Adelia Elmer in 1954 and had four children. His son Gordon Robertson is also a broadcaster. Pat Robertson is the grandfather of several grandchildren.

Pat Robertson Net Worth

Pat Robertson is an American businessman and Christian preacher who has a net worth of $100 million dollars.

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