Nyjah Huston Net Worth 2020, Bio, Height, Career, and Instagram

Nyjah Huston Net Worth 2020, Bio, Height, Career, and Instagram.

Nyjah Huston Net Worth 2020 – Nyjah Huston is one of the most exciting and impressive street skaters in the world today.

The hugely talented twenty two year old from Davis, California is the highest-paid skateboarder right now and he has won more money from professional competitions than anyone else out there.

In just a few short years Nyjah has become a legendary figure in street skating and also earned himself a multi-million dollar fortune while still being young enough to really enjoy the considerable wealth he has accrued.

Nyjah Huston Net Worth

Short Profile

First NameNyjah
Last NameHuston
Age23 years
Birth SignSagittarius
Birth DateNovember 30, 1994
Birth PlaceDavis, CA


Nyjah was born on November 30, 1994, in Davis, CA. He is a gold medal-winning X Games skateboarder, much like Bucky Lasek.

He spent some of his early years living with his family in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico.

Nyjah is considered to be one of the best, if not the best street skater active today, but despite still being only twenty-two, and yet to even finish polishing his incredible range of skills, the skater is consistently ranked as one of the top five most influential street skaters of all time.

The World of skating has been sent reeling by the incredible abilities of Nyjah from an early age and he’s been generously rewarded for his many achievements, but exactly how much has the king of the kick-flip earned now in 2019? And what does street skate-boardings biggest star spend his money on?


In 2004 he made his amateur competitive debut at the Volcan Damn Am in Costa Mesa, California, and even though he was the youngest competitor there, he won 4th place in the street competition and took first prizes for best tricks on both the big and small rails.

The following year he took first place in the Tampa Am Street category as well as another win at the KR3AM Am, while the other competitors began to wonder just exactly who the kid with the crazy skills was.

In 2006 the World really began to take notice of Nyjah Huston when he became the youngest ever competitor in X-Games history, a distinction he still holds to this day, and even though he was just eleven years old, he still managed a respectable 8th place in the street competition.

That year he won the ‘Kentucky Unbridled Spirit Award For Action Sports’ and he was interviewed after the award, during which he revealed that he had been brought up as a strict vegan and had never eaten meat or dairy due to his Rastafarian upbringing.

Later that year Nyjah signed a sponsorship deal with Element and became a part of their skateboarding team.

He made appearances in several of the company’s videos, including both of the ‘Elementality’ promotions and also took part in the Dew Tour and Vans Downtown Showdown competitions, but in 2008, while still an amateur, Nyjah decided to go into business for himself.

n 2009 he launched ‘I&I’ to promote his personal Skateboard decks.

He was joined in the business by fellow skateboarders Richard Jefferson and Anthony Williams, but the brand, most notable for its Rastafarian influences and the red, yellow and green color scheme was a short-lived venture, and by 2011 I&I had ceased operating and Nyjah returned once again to work with Element.

By now he had achieved back to back second places at the X-Games Street categories in 2009 and 2010, as well as first places in several Street League Skateboarding (SLS) events, but in 2011 he finally won a gold medal at the X-Games, as well as taking first place in three SLS events, and second place in a further two.

2011 was also the year that saw Nyjah’s video ‘Rise & Shines’ released for purchase on iTunes, which later won him the ‘Best Video Part’ award from Transworld Skateboarding magazine.

Unusually for such a high-profile skater, he had not joined forces with a shoe sponsor by that stage, but in 2011 he signed a deal with DC shoes and joined the DC riding team.

Other DC riders expressed their amazement that up until then Nyjah had been buying his own DC shoes, despite the fact that virtually any company would happily let him wear their product for free.

Height and Weight

Height in Feet

He is 5’7″ tall

Height in Meters

He is 175cm tall

Weight in Pounds

He currently weighs 145 pounds

Weight in Kilograms

He currently weighs 65.7 kg

Social Media

Connect with him on Insatgram@nyjah

Net Worth

Nyjah Huston has a net worth of $6 million. Fellow DC team member Josh Kalis later described Nyjah as the best skateboarder that he had ever seen.

2013 was an eventful year for Nyjah. His win at the X Games Street League event in Barcelona, Spain in May of that year was quickly followed up with an announcement from Transworld Skateboarding that Nyjah’s prize winnings were now greater than any other skater before him, and in the same month he also launched his first signature shoe with DC, the ‘Nyjah Huston Signature Shoe’.

He was forced to miss the Street league event the following month in Munich due to a rib injury but came back to win the SLS event in Kansas City and the X Games street category in Los Angeles later that year.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of 2013 came at the Kimberly Diamond Cup in South Africa in September that year.

He became the first person to be filmed performing a successful 270-degree Kickflip lipslide during practice and went on to win the Diamond Cup, collecting a further $100,000 in prize money to add to his already record-breaking earnings.

Now in 2019, Nyjah Huston is one of the most high-profile skaters of modern times, he has appeared in several of the hugely successful Tony Hawk Video Games and has picked up several lucrative sponsors during his consistently impressive rise to the top of the skating world.

These days he is linked not only with Element, but he also has profitable endorsement deals with Monster Energy Drinks, Diamond Supply Co, Mob Grip, and Ricta Wheels.

His wealth has steadily climbed to a personal fortune of $6 million and with time and the kind of success that he has always consistently achieved it can only continue to grow even more in the future.

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