NEXIT CBN Loan | How to Apply and Get CBN Loan Without Collateral

Nexit CBN Loan: NEXIT Beneficiaries will receive up 5 Million Naira loan without Collateral: The Federal Government in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria have have approved the transition of Npower Batch A and B volunteers into an empowerment programme known as NEXIT Loan.

The major aim of this programme is to provide economic opportunities to beneficiaries of the programme, in line with the Federal Government Agenda to empower the Nigerian Youths and boost entrepreneurship in the country.

NEXIT CBN Loan Registration

Presently, the Nexit portal is open for registration, all interested volunteers are urged to apply for the loan via the NEXIT CBN Portal online.

The Portal that will allow Exited N-Power Beneficiaries to register for CBN empowerment programmes which has been recently launched by the Federal Government Ministry through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

The Npower Exit platform which was put in place by the Central Bank will provided Exited N-Power Beneficiaries the opportunity to log in and apply for the various Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship options on the portal.

The NEXIT portal is to assist in gauging the suitability of the exited beneficiaries for the CBN empowerment programs and depends on meeting the requirements stated by the CBN for the loan. The registration portal is open.

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You can visit the Npower exit portal to start your application. All you need to do is to visit the portal.

Npower nexit programme has commenced and the website is now open to accepting applications from all disengaged Npower beneficiaries.

Npower NEXIT Portal Login Link

You should be able to access the portal as soon as it launched. Login to the NEXIT Application portal and register for the empowerment programme initiated by the central bank of Nigeria.

Npower 2020 NEXIT Portal is open and you can apply online. The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs has announced that all past beneficiaries of the Npower programme are eligible to apply.

This means that the NEXIT website is designed to only those Npower beneficiaries that have been exited from the programme. Here you should be able to login to NEXIT Portal.

Apply for Npower NEXIT CBN Empowerment Portal

So this CBN empowerment programme is to help sustain these beneficiaries and support them. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity if are on of them and register via the NEXIT application portal.

Things you should know before applying for the Npower CBN Affiliated NEXIT Programme.

  • It is for Npower Batch A beneficiaries who were recently graduated from the programme.
  • 2016 beneficiaries of Npower are eligible.
  • There are various options to select in the portal once you login.
  • NEXIT Application has began and you can apply online.
  • Deadline is yet to be announced.

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