Mirtha Jung Net Worth Updates 2019, Biography, Early Life, Relationship, Career, Net Worth and Earnings

Mirtha Jung Net Worth Updates 2019, Biography, Early Life, Relationship, Career, Net Worth and Earnings

Mirtha Jung Net Worth Mirtha Jung has had an intriguing life story, from her marriage to the drug dealer George Jung and engaging herself in smuggling, she even spent a few years in jail. For her relationship to the smuggler, Mirtha rose to fame following the biopic movie of George Jung, Blow. However, after a few years of marriage, Martha divorced with her husband and since then she is staying out of smuggling.

 Mirtha Jung Net Worth Updates 2019

 Mirtha Jung Net Worth Updates

Early Life and Education of Mirtha Jung

Mirtha Calderon is of Cuban descent. Not much is known about her early life but she commemorates her birthday every 3rd of December and is now in her 60’s. She is not famous but of course, being married to a famous drug lord automatically makes you famous.

She was a known addict who kept on using drugs during pregnancy and even after the birth of her daughter. Unknown to many, Mirtha spent 3 years in prison for drug involvement. While there, she strived and worked towards getting clean for the sake of her three-year-old daughter. She was released in 1981 and has stayed clean since then as revealed by her daughter.

Mirtha Jung’s Personal Life and Relationship

 Mirtha Jung Net Worth Updates

Mirtha and George tied the knot back in 1977. The couple is parents to their daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung born on 1 August 1978. Their conjugal life was like a roller coaster ride but George shared an intimate relationship with his daughter Kristina.

Mirtha was so in love with her husband but things didn’t work between the two and they got divorced in 1984, ending their 7 years of marriage. After the divorce, George moved on and is married to his wife Ronda Clay Spinello Jung. But, that’s not the case of Mirtha as she told in an interview, George is the only man she ever loved. Thus, Mirtha didn’t marry after the divorce from her husband George.

Mirtha and George’s daughter Kristina is staying far away from drugs and isn’t repeating her parent’s mistake. She is an acclaimed poet, writer, and entrepreneur.  Following her divorce, she is totally away from the mainstream.

Jung currently resides in the United States of America.

Mirtha Jung’s Career

Mirtha Jung is known for her relationship to the notorious drug dealer George Jung. Mirtha is an ex-wife of the drug dealer George. Besides that, not much is known concerning her professional life.

Mirtha rose to fame following the release of the American biographical crime film Blow about her cocaine smuggler husband George Jung. The movie covers the drug dealer’s all the illegal works alongside his family life. In the movie, Mirtha’s role is played by the Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz and the popular actor Johnny Depp played the character of George.

Blow features other popular artists like Cliff Curtis, Tony Amendola, Lola Glaudini, and others. American actress Emma Roberts played the role of Mirtha and George’s daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung with whom George is extremely attached to. The movie was released in April 2001 and collected $83.3 million.

Like as shown in the movie, George has had executed several drug deals. starting from his steward girlfriend’s help to transport the drugs, he eventually became one of the leading drug dealers of America. The Smuggler went on carrying 300 kilograms from which he earned approx $15 million per run. Those days, the drug dealer was said to earn around $3 million to $5 million per day.

The smuggler was arrested several times while transporting the drug. In 1994, George was arrested with 1,754 pounds (796 kg) of cocaine in Topeka, Kansas for which he was sentenced for 60 years of prison. In November 2014, he was released from prison but in December 2016, he was again arrested for parole violation.

According to sources near to George, he was released from the jail in July 2017 completing his punishment. Some sources claim, Mirtha was also involved in drug-related activities and was imprisoned for three years and was released in 1981. Since then, she is leading a normal life.

Mirtha Jung’s Net Worth and Earnings

Though Mirtha and her ex-husband George Jung made over $100 million from smuggling, she is staying away from drugs following her divorce from her husband. After that, there is not much information regarding her professional affairs. According to some sources, she is living a decent life and has her net worth in $6 digits.