Miles Heizer Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, Career and Awards

Miles Heizer Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, Career, and Awards

Miles Heizer Net Worth 2020 – Miles Heizer is a novice American actor. The young man plays in films and television series, and also develops a music career.

A wide audience has remembered the actor in the film Nerve and the series 13 Reasons Why. The directors offer the actor profound, complex characters which makes people interested.


Miles Heizer was born on May 16, 1994, in America. His homeland was the town of Greenville in Kentucky. The boy was brought up by his mother and elder sister. There is no information about his father.

His mother worked as a nurse and tried to provide children with everything they needed. In 2004, the family moved to Los Angeles in search of a better life.

Miles’s creative nature showed off at an early age. He participated in children’s plays in his native city. Having moved to the metropolis, he had the opportunity to develop professionally.

The young actor began his career early. The first step was a bit part in the television series CSI: Miami. Miles decided to focus on his goal of becoming an actor, so he was home-educated during high school.

He combined studying with interesting activities. He was soon invited to the next shooting, and the young man starred in the short film Paramedic.

The mother and sister supported Miles in his endeavors, so the young actor confidently made decisions that could affect his future.


Born in Greenville, Kentucky, USA during the year of 1994, Miles Heizer was raised by his mother, a nurse, and an elder sister who moved to Los Angeles when he was 10 years old.

When he moved to Los Angeles, he started his career as an actor in CSI: Miami which was under the name of ‘Nothing to Lose’ and he was playing the role of Joey Everton.

As a Passionate actor, he was striving to gain more and more practical knowledge rather than joining a school for theoretical knowledge.

Maybe, due to this reason, there is no information about the educational background of Miles Heizer.

At the age of 12, he got the opportunity to play a role of Davey Danner in the film ‘Rails & Ties’ for which he was nominated for ’Young Artist Award for the Best Leading Young Actor in a Feature Film’.

Miles Heizer’s Career

Miles Heizer, an American actor, started his career at the age of 10 when he and his family moved to Los Angeles and played the role of Joey Everton in CSI: Miami under the name of ‘ Nothing to Lose’.

Being a talented teenager, he, somehow, got the opportunity to play one of the most remarkable roles of his career as Davey Danner for the film ‘Rails & Ties’ and got nominated for ‘ Young Artist Award for the Best Leading Young Actor in a Feature Film’.

He also starred in the films including Paramedics, Shark, Bones, Whisperer, Private Practice and many others.

After playing a recurring role as ‘Joshua Lipnicki’ on the NBC drama show ‘ER’, he starred as Drew Holt, the son of Lauren Graham’s character, on the NBC drama series ‘Parenthood’ followed by a role as a co-star in the film ‘Rudderless’.

Currently, he is playing the role of ‘Alex’ in the Television show ’13 Reasons Why’ and, a film ‘Nerve’ was released in 2016.

Miles Heizer’s  Awards

Heizer commenced in the world of acting with a role of Joey Everton in an American police procedural drama television series CSI; Miami alongside David Caruso, and Adam Rodriguez. Following that, Heizer featured in many Television series including Ghost Whisperer, Shark, Bones, Private Practice, ER, Cold Case, and many others.

Moreover, Heizer appeared in a 2010 American television drama series Parenthood where he portrayed the main role of Drew Holt alongside Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Monica Potter, and so on. Further, he was associated with the series from 2010 to 2015, which was aired at NBC network.

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