Michelle Borth Net Worth 2020, Biography Education and Career

Michelle Borth Net Worth 2020, Biography Education and Career.

Michelle Borth Net Worth 2020 – Michelle Borth is an American actress and producer who is best known for her role as Kamie in the short-lived HBO series ‘Tell Me You Love Me’. She is currently portraying the role of Catherine Rollins on the CBS crime-drama ‘Hawaii Five-0’.

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She was born Michelle Teresa Borth on the 19th day of August 1978. Although Borth currently resides in Los Angeles, her hometown is Monroe, New York.

As a native of New York, Michelle Borth was brought up by her parents. From what we gathered, her Italian mother was involved with home improvement business and her father worked with the New York Times. It is believed he carried out layout, formatting, color-correction and other similar functions for the media outlet.

When Borth was a teenager, she was trained in gymnastics at Kennet Gymnastics. It has commonly been assumed that she aspired to become a gymnast when she was growing up. It is said she developed a passion for acting after she got in trouble over drugs.

There is no information about her having a husband or being married. Before she and director James Cox will end up as life partners.

It is said that the pair had something special for 10 years. Their romantic affair started in 2001 and crashed in 2011. After Cox comes Fischer, Justin Fischer.

Sometime in 2012, it spread that Michelle Borth and Fischer are crazy about each other. Though neither Borth nor Fischer confirmed or refuted this, the belief that they were lovers thrived when they shared pictures of themselves together on their social media platforms.

It was then speculated that Borth and Fischer have parted when they were no longer spotted together.


Borth got enrolled and later graduated from John S. Burke Catholic High School in Goshen, New York in 1996. Her love for acting inspired her to attend Pace University in Manhattan.

She then joined and later earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater and Art History from the institution in 2001 and has ever since, strived to improve her acting career.


She debuted her film career in 2002 after her college degree. She debuted from the film named ‘Apartment’ and her first TV starring was in an episode of ‘Off Centre’.

After that, she appeared as Katrina Munro in the film ‘Silent Warnings’ in 2003, Devin Sinclair in the film ‘The Sisterhood’ in 2004, Nicole in ‘Rampage; The Hillside Strangler Murders’ in 2006, etc.

She made her appearance in the independent film ‘TiMER’ in 2008 with Emma Caulfield and Desmond Harrington. She was a cast member of ABC’s ‘The Forgotten’ in 2009 and guest-starred on the TNT TV series ‘Dark Blue’ in 2010.

She portrayed the role of Steve McGarrett’s girlfriend, Lt. Catherine Rollins, a Navy Lieutenant in the 2010 version of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and cast as a series regular for season 3 and 4 but it was announced that she would not return for the fifth season.

Later on March 19, 2018, it was announced that she would return to the series as a guest star in the series for 8th season’s twentieth episode.

Michelle Borth Net Worth

Recently, she appeared as Elise in ‘Devious Nanny in 2018 and in the film ‘Shazam!’ in 2019 as Mary Bromfield.

Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of around $3 million as 0f recently updated 2020 and she has accumulated that sum of money from her professional career.

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